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UPGRADE 100 Live: 6 ways brands can use artificial intelligence for innovation and efficiency in the new context

In June 2020, MullenLowe Profero and iSense Solutions partner research company, developed Creativity meets A.I. study, which is focused on how Artificial Intelligence can help brands take a leap forward in the new post-pandemic context.

  • Here’s the full study –> check it and join us tonight (Monday, June, 29) to debate LIVE at UPGRADE 100 @ Radio Guerrilla on the main findings together with Tina Crețu, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, KFC and Florian Langa, Senior Creative, Profero.

If you will miss the show, no problem –> here’s the link where all our podcasts are published. #Update -> the podcast edit of our Radio Guerrilla show is here (in RO). You can listen in your browser or in any audio app you prefer.

It has become clear over the past months that digitalization of companies’ operations, products and services, as well as communication, has become an immediate priority for all businesses, as a direct and instant way of access to consumers, partners and employees alike.

If there is a silver lining to the post-pandemic world is that, in doing so, we can capitalize on already existing infrastructures, processes and technologies, while taking on significantly lower risks and costs than a few years ago in the infancy of these developments.

While aiming to create digital spaces that bring added value to consumers’ experience with the brands, throughout the entire purchase journey, the study sets to answer a few key questions: how can A.I. anticipate consumers’ expectations by acting human-like and adapted to the context?

What do Romanians think about A.I. and how do they perceive its benefits? And how can brands use its creative potential to further develop their presence.

MullenLowe Profero has have identified 6 A.I. potential uses that brands can capitalize on.

  1. Artificial Intelligence facilitates the understanding of the real world, by identifying gestures, objects, people or sounds with the help of video, audio or other types of sensors. Using this data, brands can create experiences that offer consumers real time feedback to their actions.
  2. Deep-learning mechanisms allow technologies to generate texts, images and audio & video content that did not previously exist, to help brands create fully digital personalized content.
  3. A.I. integrates advanced mechanisms that allow the creation of interactions with consumers, by simulating with high accuracy the human behavior, making it possible to generate a unique brand voice.
  4. Artificial intelligence has the ability to process huge volumes of information and solve complex tasks instantly, offering brands the possibility data in unique ways.
  5. Smart wearables are capable of reading in real time the biometric data of users, a valuable resource that brands can use to design ultra-personalized solutions to consumers’ needs.
  6. Based on collected data, algorithms can identify market or consumers trends that brands can use to define new models of innovation.

Moving forward, iSense Solutions specialists analyzed the relationship of Romanian consumers with A.I. technologies, in a study developed in March 2020, based on 512 Internet users from urban areas, aged between 18-50 y.o.

The research shows that 96% of those surveyed had heard about Artificial Intelligence, but only 40% said they had used such technologies, although almost all confirmed they had used in the last year services that integrate A.I., such as the Facebook feed (74%), online shopping recommendation services (73%), smart personal assistants (59%), predictive search algorithms (38%), virtual assistants (34%) or chatbots (21%).

Three quarters of those surveyed said they could explain what A.I. is, while the rest were not sure or said they are unable to do so.

At the same time, Romanians believe that artificial intelligence solutions can solve the problems they deal with (67%), can replace human jobs (66%), operate population surveillance systems (42%), control the world (12%) or the human mind (11%).

Only 35% of urban Romanians trust that A.I. currently has the capacity to offer customer service support at the same quality as a real human being, but 52% consider that A.I. has the potential to improve this service, in the long run.

Talking about the willingness to share personal data in order to benefit from higher quality services powered by A.I., most people surveyed said they are open to share their e-mail address (60%), full name (57%) and phone number (54%). At the other end of the spectrum, they are less willing to share their home address (24%), household income (13%), personal ID information (12%) and banking information (5%).

Out of the areas consumers have pointed out they would feel comfortable for A.I. solutions to be integrated in, online retail ranks first (65%), followed by telecommunications (59%), personalized recommendations in auto (58%), financial / investment systems (54%), banking (53%), while the bottom place is taken by public administration services (43%).

Click on the picture bellow to check the full study:

Bold by Lowe Group is a marketing platform aiming to bring fresh insights to the communication industry and analyze the most relevant trends in the market, to help brands in their positioning and sales increase objectives. Creativity meets A.I. is the latest market study and material developed under the platform.

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