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Make your own UPGRADE 100!

We are expanding globally through licensing and joint ventures.

Also, through our mother company Link2Digital, we’re open to create custom events or digital transformation programmes based on your company needs.

What you get if you’re joining the movement?

  • Direct access to our 10 years+ expertise in growing and creating a complex digital transformation product in a challanging enviroment (Eastern Europe is not always the most friendly place)
  • Direct acces to hunderds of already curated and certified world class speakers
  • An advanced content and event management system that will allow you to administrate a complex festival (instant sync of any change to all the platforms, a booking travel and ground transportation management system and more)
  • A plug-and-play website and networking app
  • A complete ticketing, access management, cashless and facial recognition payments system we’ve developed in years with our partners from OVEIT (you can check the full product here)
  • A full branding package, video graphics and... basically everything that you need to create and launch fast a world class digital transformation event in your region
  • Digital marketing services to promote and sell tickets for your event

Please get in touch to hear more about the license package and our support services.