Exploring new dimensions: the world of virtual, augmented and mixed reality is back at iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 – UPGRADE 100 Updates
1-2.10, 2020
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Exploring new dimensions: the world of virtual, augmented and mixed reality is back at iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100

This will be awesome. Again. Ever since iCEE.fest started focusing on this topic, the audience just loved it.

Within the framework of new festival’s concept, UPGRADE 100, this content track will gain even more consistency because of the people and companies involved.

Host of the VR / AR / MR and Experiential Marketing session at the festival will be Adrian Posteuca, the Founder @ Concept Factory and Partner @ Immersive Studios (UK) also (inside info) our content manager consultant for the VR/AR/MR and Experiential stream in the last years.

Both tech evangelist and a seasoned speaker, well connected to the disruptive technologies, Adrian believes that we are living a Technology Enlightenment Era where the technology is the new magic.

“The state of VR/ AR” is Adrian’s presentation for the session’s opening.

Here’s the complete line-up we built together. Prepare to be amazed!

UPGRADE Stage 1, Session 3/ The Spectacular World of VR/ AR/ MR and Experiential Marketing (June 14th, 16.30)

Jeremy Dalton, Head of VR/ AR @ PwC UK: The power of VR/ AR

Jeremy is helping clients across all sectors understand, quantify, and implement the benefits of virtual reality and augmented reality technology.

He is also a member of the World Economic Forum VR/AR Global Future Council and sits on the advisory board of ImmerseUK, a cross-sector network for businesses, research and educational organizations in the immersive technology industry.

Sami Hamid, VR Producer @ Glitch Studios: Impact of XR on marketing & branding

Sami specializes in creating immersive marketing & branding experiences for heavy industry clients around Europe using the very latest in immersive technology.

Glitch Studios Work

  • Virtual reality showroom

The agency built a virtual showroom that explores the various product lines that Eltek offer in virtual environments.

These environments quickly & effectively communicate the prospective client’s problem and how Eltek’s products solve this problem while emphasizing its unique selling points.

  • Drink in VR

“Through object motion tracking we were able create actions triggered by the act of eating or drinking. This allows us to expand the sensation of taste in your mouth with audio visual cues and rich immersive storytelling”

Daniel Cheetham, Global CEO @ Happy Finish

Over the past 5 years Daniel has built the Tech Division at Happy Finish from engineers, scientists, storytellers and artists.

They are now also world leaders in the creation of immersive experiences across AR, VR & MR and in utilizing AI for creative purposes, with well over 100 technology based projects delivered to global markets in that time.

Happy Finish projects

  • Drowning in plastic

Acclaimed fashion and beauty photographer Elisabeth Hoff has worked with retouch artist Chris Roome to reveal shocking truths about the levels of plastic pollution in our oceans.

  • Molton Brown

This was Molton Brown’s largest ever CG campaign, centered around the launch of their new seasonal scent, Muddled Plum.

  • The agency built CG conveyor belts, pressure gauges and more to create a factory feel, compositing 2D glitter and cloud elements alongside the CG assets to liven up the scene and add depth
  • A series of cinemagraphs were also made for use on social media.

More on Daniel Cheetham and Happy Finish here.

IRV, Co-founder & Creative Strategist @ Kemosabe: What digital disruption really means

Acknowledged as one of the founding leaders of ‘Experiential’ Marketing in the UK, Irv is a strategic and creative thinker, he has 25 years’ experience across all disciplines including Experience and Event Marketing, Sponsorship, Amplification, Social Media Strategy, Retail Insights, Influencer Marketing, Experiential and Branded Content, and Omni-Channel Experiences.

A published author & multi-award winner, Irv has worked with many of the world’s largest brands – Tesco, Topshop, RBS, H&M, B&Q, WHSmith, River Island, Whirlpool, Paddy Power, 47 Brand and Footlocker, Nutristrength and Levi’s.

Irv delivered a one-off activation for Warner Bros. to mark the 20th anniversary of Friends (photo below).

  • Taking place across 15 locations, including various music festivals across the nation, the activation’s reach was well above 5 million, with over 50,000 stop and watch participants.

Tom Sacchi, Co-founder & Creative Partner @ Unit9

Over the last 22 years he has created content at the intersection of broadcast, web, experiential, gaming and virtual reality.

He is convinced the Game engine is the ultimate storytelling platform and VR needs brands to make it great.

Unit9 projects

  • Remix VR with nature

“We took Strongbow’s latest commercial a step further, inviting cider and nature fans everywhere to transform a city with their own hands with a Strongbow Virtual Reality Game”

  • Taking AR to the next level with Battlefields and Stunt Drivers

“Castrol EDGE’s engine oils gives drivers the confidence to push themselves to the limit. To demonstrate this we designed and built a fully immersive augmented reality experience”

Laia Zanon from WildBytes

Wildbytes is an experiential innovation agency focused on producing campaigns, activations, and retail experiences through creative uses of bleeding-edge technology, based in Madrid, Barcelona, and New York.

Their work has been recognized by media such as Huffington Post, PSFK, Forbes, Bloomberg, TrendHunter, MTV News, Gizmodo, Fubiz, Time Out New York, Time Warner Cable’s NY1, or Businessweek.

WildBytes projects

  • Live-created Fan Film for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Sephora

  • This is an electrifying live immersive experience where guests become superstars in a collective film, made live

“Using a custom-made, high-tech digital film pipeline, we were able to edit footage of fans posing and playing in the Fenty universe in real-time”

  • Hyper-real VR Theatre

A large-scale collective VR theater where 50 visitors at a time could enjoy a hyperreal 4D experience.

To achieve full immersion four areas were blended: a 360 film, motorized chairs, binaural sound, and perfect synchronization of all the pieces.

Antonio Camara, Co-founder @ Ydreams: Spatial computing is more than VR/ AR/ MR

Antonio Camara pioneered research on virtual and augmented reality and geographical information systems.

  • He has more than 200 international publications, including the books Spatial Multimedia and Virtual Reality, published by Taylor and Francis in 1999, and Environmental Systems, published by Oxford University Press in 2002.

YDreams developed over 900 projects in 30 countries for 50 Fortune 500 companies.

Christophe Mallet, Co-founder @ Somewhere Else: Training for the future & The future of training

Somewhere Else is a London-based innovation agency specialised in immersive technologies.

Chris has delivered immersive experiences and solutions for the likes of Adidas, the UEFA and Samsung. Christophe is a member of the Uni-XR and a guest lecturer on immersive technologies at INSEEC London and CREA Geneve.

Somewhere Else projects:

  • Road to Cardiff

“UEFA is an iconic sports brand which requires best-in-class content. Across the 4 days of activation over 2,000 fans played the experience. For many, lifting the trophy was a particular highlight”

  • Three: Never Settle VR

“On the Samsung Gear, we launched viewers into a fast-paced adventure from the comfort of their chairs and challenged them to find the 3 mascot hiding in each location”


UPGRADE 100 Agenda

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The digital transformation festival of CEE will take place on June, 13th& 14th, in Bucharest – Romania.

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