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Antonio Camara



António Câmara is a Professor at the New University of Lisbon. He was a Visiting Professor at Cornell University (1988-89) and MIT (1998-99).

Antonio Camara pioneered research on virtual and augmented reality and geographical information systems. He has more than 200 international publications, including the books Spatial Multimedia and Virtual Reality, published by Taylor and Francis in 1999, and Environmental Systems, published by Oxford University Press in 2002.

In 2000, Antonio Camara co-founded YDreams and was the company’s CEO until 2015. YDreams developed over 900 projects in 30 countries for 50 Fortune 500 companies. YDreams became YGroup (http://ygroup.eu) in 2016, and he became the group’s Chairman. YGroup includes YDreams Global (listed in Toronto and Frankfurt), Ynvisible (listed in Toronto), and Azorean (listed in Euronext Paris).

In 2016, Antonio Camara co-founded Aromni, an upcoming augmented reality company. In 2018, he started the Explora University-wide initiative to stimulate students to develop their own research and product development projects.

Antonio Câmara received twenty one national and international awards during his career, including Premio Pessoa 2006 in Portugal, and one of the European Entrepreneur Awards by the European Union in 2009.