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1-2.10, 2020
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123 days left to the next UPGRADE 100 Festival: meet our first 20 confirmed speakers

Guess what? Today, 11th of February it’s a super-special day. There are precisely 123 days left until the new UPGRADE 100 – June 11-12, Grand Cinema & More.

So… we have some exciting news and 20 speakers announced so… -> let’s go!

There is still some work to be done until it’s obvious that iCEE.fest evolved to its next level. And it did evolve: we’re no longer just a festival.

Briefly, what’s new?

1. UPGRADE 100 Live

We generate for our community loads of relevant content, at least on a weekly basis. Radio, podcast and complex articles.

  • There’s a new piece on the project that aims the Digitalization of Romania – check it out (RO)
  • By the way, we’ve just launched a new episode on digitalization and eGovernment… check all our podcasts, here

2. UPGRADE 100 Focus

More and more major companies invite us to explore the depths of digital transformation.

BCR – Erste, BRD – Societe Generale, Unilever, PwC or CRH România, are just some of the very recent examples. So, give us a ring if you want to talk about the revolution of digital mutations about to happen in your company and industry!

3. UPGRADE 100 Festival

Last but of course not least, we already have some super-speakers confirmed for June 11-12. Do you remember the vibe, right? Here’s a nice reminder:

Basically, this year, we’ll have 2 festivals in 1 and 2 main stages, too –> more details to follow.

  • MARCOM. We’ll dedicate Thursday, June 11th to our original marketing and communications core
  • DISRUPTION. Friday, June 12th, will be all about disruption across several other industries – eHealthFintechSmart Living & Citiese-GovernmentAgritech and more.

(Also, a much stronger UPGRADE 100 Startups content track will be announced soon….)


To cut it short(er), here are our first 20  of the over 100 speakers who will take the stage: https://www.upgrade100.com/speakers

And just a few names, if you’re not in the mood to click the link – you can find all the bios on our website, of course:

  • MARCOM / Thomas BARTA –  world premier expert, author, and keynote speaker on marketing leadership.
  • PERFORMANCE MARKETING / Oli GARDNER – UN-BOUNCE co-founder and UX& copywriting& marketing expert, keynote speaker and author.
  • DISRUPTION / Bryony COLE – world’s leading authority in sextech, international speaker, published writer and producer.
  • INNOVATION / Mark ADAMS – the digital guy of Hollywood A-lists, Mark is one of the most effervescent brains at VICE MEDIA, where he leads innovation, evangelizing the power of change and transformation through his talks and workshops.
  • CREATIVITY / Ravid KUPERBERG – the mind behind many teams’ winning the most prestigious creativity awards.
  • ADTECH / Graham CARROLL – Founding Director at Friday Agency in Dublin, Graham is also lecturer in Digital and Content Marketing and has provided consultancy and training for clients such as Google, IBM and Aer Lingus.
  • AI / Anca DRAGAN – PhD in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Anca is leads the InterACT Lab at Berkley University, helping develop robots to work around people.
  • DISRUPTION / Ian PIERPOINT – previously founder, President, and CEO of global research group The Sound Research, Ian has launched a new agency Further&Further with a team of 6 researchers and filmmakers, fusing qualitative research methodologies with a more immersive documentary film making an approach.
  • ADTECH / Martin GRIEF – educator, author, speaker, entrepreneur and expert, consultant for all things conversion rate optimization, running SiteTuners.
  • MEDIA / Gary COICHY – one of AdAge’s 40 under 40s, Gary is Founder and Head of Partnership at Pod Digital Media the first podcast agency to work with multicultural podcast creators.

Well, that’s enough for now 🙂

Tickets for the festival are still super affordable BUT a few days, prices will go up substantially, so…. if you want to join us… you’d better….


Thank you and see you… in 123 days!

Project Manager @ UPGRADE 100 | Producer @ UPGRADE 100, Radio Guerrilla