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Get ready for the houses of the future with the iCEE.fest newest track: Smart Homes

Home automation may sound like something from a science-fiction story, but nowadays it has become a reality and is even on its way to becoming the norm.

From the plan to the implementation of simple integrative solutions, the newest stream in the iCEE.fest will open the conversation with some of the most respected and acknowledged specialists in the field.


Here are some of the speakers that will change your perception about the future of smart living:

  • Bernhard Hussy, Co-founder @ Nomos System
    • With an automation system developed to make interoperability possible, nOS powers thousands of applications in automotive, hospitality, government, real estate and dozens of other industries.
    • Bernhard will deliver a “global” talk considering the 25 billion devices predicted to be around in the next three years, and how important is to bring various hardware, software and off-the-shelf IoT products together.
  • Adriaan Brebels, Managing Director @ Porta Capena
    • With an overarching 15 years’ experience in retail, energy, consulting and ehealth, Porta Capena is the to go expert in energy saving solutions
    • Adriaan comes with both academic and practical experience and will bring to the table topics such as building high-end tools, even for low-budget projects

  • The artisans of the famous Villa M (foto) – shaped by nature but engineered by automation, come to Bucharest to showcase how complex technology is joined with equally complex architecture, in sculptural examples that maximize nature’s input – light, colors, shape and man’s extensions – an app was developed specially for the coordination of the house control, home entertainment, computer networking, and security systems, as well as the pump for the underfloor heating, thermo-active building components, and the controlled ventilation with heat recovery.


  • Simon van der Jagt, CEO at Nowi Energy
    • Nowi Energy makes smart sensors that last forever, all while using WiFi as power source. The plan? To replace batteries in sensors and ease the power supply for the future’s connected devices.
    • Simon, the CEO of a young and magic team, comes to discuss the advancements and innovations in the smart building segment, how they are building new business models and why it’s important to also keep an eye on the security issue.


  • Szymon Janiak, Co-founder @ 1450
    • What does it take to catalyze adoption of smart homes solutions? Who’s the main target? What does the map of smart homes products look like and what are the main categories of interest?
    • Szymon has a solid background as former VP of Oort, currently in charge of his own venture – 1450, a marketing agency specialized in the field of innovation and start-ups.

The Smart Homes category includes further speakers and topics, of interest for both the end consumer and the businesses that aim to integrate automation solutions in their real estate (offices, residential) products.

If you’re just thinking of building a smart house, or upgrading your own, or you’re already in the field of delivering civil engineering solutions, iCEEfest is the place to be. So, book your ticket today since the price will rise again in a few days 😉

iCEE.fest 2017 will take place in Bucharest on June, 15th and 16th.

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