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10 European eHealth startups can improve their business model with Lean Startup Academy & iCEE.health

This free-of-charge training will be delivered online during ten weeks, from May 15 to July 21, and in one Live session on June 15 – June 16 from 9:00-18:00 at ICEEfest 2017.

Participants will have free access to the workshop and to ICEEhealth stage, as well as a 50% discount to join other stages.

Lean Startup Academy represent a business model training offered by eHealth HUB, a new EU-funded initiative that is cross-border and exclusively focused on the digital health vertical

  • There is an unique opportunity to mature your business by systematically testing your ideas against the market with the support of experts.
  • The course will help you to identify who your prioritary customers should be initially, what is the right value proposition for them and how to reach them.

It’s all about learning how to rapidly develop and test ideas by gathering massive amounts of user feedback.

Dario Mazzella and Andrea Di Anselmo (both from META Group) are the trainers inside Lean Startup Academy.

  • Project Manager @ META since 2014, Dario Mazzella will be part of the “200 Seconds of Fame” jury, a competition inside ICEEfest, dedicated to all the tech startups who want to present their ideas in front of the festival’s audience.

As a way of working: that participants will be pushed to share their experiences, re-think their current business approach focusing on solving customers’ needs, and get out of the building to validate their assumptions.

A partner of eHealth HUB, Aline Noizet will be present @ ICEEhealth. She serves as Business Development Director Europe for Health 2.0, and through this collaboration, Aline supports European SMEs to get traction, increase their visibility and facilitate matchmaking with relevant stakeholders.

Important dates

  • Application deadline: April 13
  • Confirmation of 10 participants: April 28
  • Online training (10 weeks): May 15 – July 21
  • Live session: June 15 – June 16 / 09:00-18:00 @ICEEfest

Here you can find the eligibility and the selection criteria plus the registration form.