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Diana OLAR, Google: Learnings from top performing companies on Digital Marketing Transform...

Florian WILL, Facebook: Messaging – Meet the Partners

John EKMAN, CONVERSIONISTA: How to set up an experimentation program.

Kostas KAMPAKIS, ForestView: Branding Engineered to Perform

Alex HUDITAN, Amazonienii: How to Have a Profitable Business with Amazon FBA in 2019

Marius COSTIN, Pay U: Online payments – the universal language of trust

Calin BUZAN, Telios Care: Telemedicine the future of patient centered care

Scott TOUSLEY, Hubspot: Growth hacks and user acquisition

Katerina GREENSTEIN, Appsflyer: Driving growth through independent measurement

Jonny MOLE, Shuttlerock: Scaling world-class creative, in a mobile first world

Ausrine CEBATORE, Smartly: The future of creativity in an automated world

Laura BYRNE, Spirable: Personalized Video at Scale

Sorin SFETCU, Google: A.I driven marketing: Next wave of automation in Google Ads

2020 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016