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Mihai Serbanescu, Facebook

Madalina Pangrate, Youtube

Eric Schultz, Ambassador: Digital Diplomacy: Threat and Promise

Bryan McComarck

Burt Huys, Oncomfort: Clinical Virtual Reality: New Way to Reduce Pain and Anxiety

Kostas Kampakis, ForestView: Don’t start with the budget!

Magdalini Vafopoulou, ThinkDigital Group: Reach & Engage the Travel audience on TripAdviso...

Felix Jackson, medDigital: Digital Engagement and The Healthcare Industry

Mihai Craiu, National Institute for Mother & Child Health: The Doctor's View

Alina Comanescu, Lung Cancer Europe

Justin Lai, Sylvie Dobrota: Stanford Medicine X: Partnering with Patients in Research thro...

Irina Donnelly, Instagram: Instagram: From Inspiration to Action

Christian Heinemann, Facebook: Drive better performance with video

Vargha Moayed, UiPath Inc: Searching for the next big thing

Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage: Startup success in the post startup era

Vijay Tirathrai, Techstars Dubai Accelerator: The worldwide network that help entrepreneur...

Dario Mazzella, META Group: The Perfect Pitch: Getting to say yes

Josh Fechter, BAMF Media: Growth Hacking

Eugene Borukhovich, Bayer G4A: Digital Terapeutics powered by AI

Marvin Liao, 500 Startups: How European Startups Can Raise $$ in USA

Brian Wong, Kiip: Growing Unfairly Fast

Timo Dreger, Coparion: Venture Capital

Malgorzata Kmieciak, Smart AdServer: Maximize your revenue

Jean-Christophe Le Guellec, Smart AdServer: How to optimize your programmatic buying?

Kimmo Kiviluoto, Cxense: The SATI DMP: Data as a basis for more efficient advertising fram...

Arina Ureche, BRAT: The SATI DMP: Data as a basis for more efficient advertising framework...

Cristian Francu, Majoritas Academy: Cultural Entropy and Politics: A new Evolutionary Pers...

Cristina Moise: How to use AI for good

Florin Badita, Corruption Kills: Facebook and the #Rezist protests in Romania - the facili...

Dan Mercea, City - University of London: Political Information in Public Facebook Communic...

Radu Puchiu: Is the Government ready for the digital natives?

Petrit Selimi, Millennium Foundation Kosovo: Increasing Diplomatic Digital Footprint for S...

Greg Mills, Brenthurst Foundation: Challenges to Africa and It’s Democracy

Codrin Taralunga: GDPR- Another form of democracy

Vladislav Kulminski, IPIS: Political legitimacy

Kyriakos Pierrakakis, diaNEOsis: The Political Economy Impacts of the 4th Industrial Revol...

Thodoris Livanios: Be the 1st to know

Vlad Hatieganu, Majoritas Global: The Rational Voter or How Not to (Always) Trust Your Bra...

Catalin S Dumitru, Kensington Communication: Back to the terms and conditions of politics

Balint Porcsalmi, Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania: New tools, old stories

Dan Kanninen, STG: Will Obama's or Trump's populism prevail? Hope, Fear, or a Trojan Horse...

Colin Delany, ePolitics com: Political Campaigning in a World of Fake Truth

Lucian Despoiu, Majoritas Global: Tech for Democracy

Toms Panders, Setupad: How to improve monetisation with multiple SSPs

Dirk Freytag, Contentpass: Privacy as a driver for higher revenues and customer satisfacti...

Tomasz Musial, Netsprint Group: Solving ad tech puzzles - how to deal with technology over...

Christian Printzell Halvorsen, Cxense: Data as a stepwise transformation

Moses Velasco, Socialbakers: How your content quality impacts your social media ROI

Andre Morys, Web Arts AG: The source of disruption

Raluca Radu, Answear: 10 Key Ingredients for Fashion E-Commerce Success in Romania

Charlie Pool, Stowga: The invisible ‘back-end’ of retail: the supply chain

Lucjan Exner, InMobi: Doing Mobile Video Right

Guven Soydan, OLX Group: Using Machine Learning in price optimisation

Mariano Gomide de Faria, VTEX: The new role of CEO'S AND CIO'S as leaders of digital trans...

Romain Gauthier, Didomi: GDPR decrypted - User consent as the new internet currency

Chris Hartsuiker, IAB Europe: GDPR and you: why transparency and consent is a big deal

Kate Nightingale, Style Psychology Ltd: The Human Way of Shopping

Norik Selimi, Pikasa Strategic Insight: Best practices of Social Media in audience growth

Malgorzata Kmieciak, Smart AdServer: How to win in the digital reality of 2018

Seraphina Davey, Taboola: Putting User Experience at the Heart of Content Monetization

Stephane Printz, FreeWheel: From Golden Age of TV to Golden Age of Premium Video

Greg Mroczkowski, IAB Europe: Critical value of increasing user confidence in digital adve...

Sylvia Epaillard, Tamedia Advertising: Programmatic Strategy

Anamaria Nicola, Universitatea din Bucuresti: Misinformation, polarisation and the role of...

Stephan Granhaug, Aller Media: Synergy or energy? Moving into adjacent revenue streams

Sergio Rodriguez, El Mundo: 5 Ideas to improve media

Jean-Christophe Demarta, The New York Times: How technology and journalism come together

Brandon Keenen, CNN International Commercial: Premium publishers

Eero Korhonen, Google: What is Google's mission?

Winners 200 Seconds of Fame

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Mihai Ghita, Sypher

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Teo Scorpan, Smartan

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Ciprian Banica, Sharefidence

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Florin Otto, Modex

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Eugeniu Garla, Gaus

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Paul Chirila, Engage

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Vlad Macelaru, ClarK

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Alexandru, BrainyAnt

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Razvan Dumbrava & Adina Ghebaru, Blue Asteroids Exploration

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Bogdan Iordache, Apiary Book

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Sveatoslav Vizitiu, Wello

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Zaki Milhem, WakeZ

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Andra Georgescu, Hey, Be Well!

Finalist 200 Seconds of Fame: Dan Pateld, Atlas

Tudor Andrei, youngest speaker @iCEE.fest 2018

Tom Sacchi, Unit9: State of VR crash course

Simon Windsor, Dimension Studio: The Advent of Believable Virtual Humans

Sara Lisa Vogl, XRBASE: Beyond the hype - what VR is also capable of and the promises stil...

Oliver Kibblewhite, REWIND: How HBO, Silicon Valley, and REWIND immortalised the Hacker Ho...

Daniel Cheetham, Happy Finish: Creative AR with Machines Thinking

Cory Key, Discovery Agency: How VR Can Connect Your Brand To Superfans

Mark Aris - 4WiseMonkeys: Thumb stopping Creativity

Lucian Trestler, BBH London: Fame Factory

Bitan Franco Prieto, Publicis Madrid: There is always space for creativity

Steve Griffiths, DDB EMEA: Technology now matters more than content

Ollie Olanipekun, Superimpose Studio: No more Gods: Dispelling industry myths and doing it...

Marc Oosterhout, N=5: Branding in a digital world

Kris Hoet, Happiness: Happiness is the Ultimate Rebellion

George Buhnici, Cavaleria: Video: The New Digital King

Yann Lafargue, Netflix: What’s next for NETFLIX in CEE and worldwide - live on stage int...

Grant Sabatier, Millennial Money: Accelerate your life with these 6 books

Brian Wong, Kiip: The Cheat Code - Growing Unfairly Fast

Alex Stil, GroupM/mPlatform: T-FORCES: The Major Change Drivers in Media

Simon Gosling, Unruly: The Connected Home and the Future of Advertising

Peter Fossick, Factotum Design: Designing Services using DesOps for Industrial Revolution ...

Gerd Leonhard, The Futures Agency: Technology and Humanity - the next 10 years

Matthias Wenk, Ryanair Ltd: Keeping it simple

Simona Retea, HOSPICE Casa Sperantei: The Use of Technology in Paediatrics Palliative Care...

Alexandru Balan, Bitdefender: When Doctors Become Hackers - Connected Things in Healthcare

Peter Szekeres, Neticle: Social Media Listening in Pharma - Use-Cases and International Ex...

Pepita Stringer, Horizon: My Genomic Data

Felix Jackson, medDigital: medCrowd: The Instant Messenger for Health and Care

Michael Seres, 11Health: Are Patients the Greatest Under Utilised Resource in Healthcare?

Horia Maior, Mixed Reality Lab: An Innevitable Future Technology: A Mental Fitbit (MFB)

Jordi Serrano Pons, Universal Doctor: Chatbots for Global Health: An Amazing Opportunity

Paul Keire, Anatomy Next: The New Medical School: How do AR/VR/MR - Technologies Improve L...

Tom Wilson, Personal Trainer: Personal Wellness

Ksenia Benifand, Alberta Health: What is Love?

Tedy Necula, Inspirational Film: Attitudes, as Exchange Currencies for Misconceptions

Carmen Uscatu, Daruieste Viata: The Hospital of the Future

Jeffrey Sparr, PeaceLove: Create Peace of Mind. A New Approach

Shawna Butler, REshape Innovation Center: SPECIAL KEYNOTE: Digital Health, Beyond Technolo...

Florina Pinte and Ovidiu Popica, MedLife: Prima operație intervențională la inimă cu h...

Michael Fergusson, Ayogo: Everything You Think You Know About Gamification is Wrong

Daniel Ilinca, Quick Board: Quickboard - Agility Management system

Eugene Borukhovich, Bayer G4A: Digital Therapeutics, Powered by AI. Are we there yet?

Jaco Oosthuizen, YuLife: Is There Life after Death

Bogdan Cioc, Live Helix: De/Centralization and Interoperability – The Big Puzzle

Mike O Neill, InfoWorld: eHealth’s Gatekeeper: Is it Cybersecurity or Interoperability?

Gurhan Zincircioglu, Izmir Tire Public Hospital - Patient Safety & Electronic Medical Reco...

Dragos Stanca, iCEE.fest: DEBATE: Disruption by Technology - What's Next?

Dragos Stanca, iCEE.fest: UPGRADE LIVE

Maria Manolioudi, Facebook: Auction overview and delivery principles

Maurizio Poletto, BeeOne - Erste Group: Banks are boring, slow and very complicate. Still...

Alex Khan, Attractive Media: Mass Seduction: Tools, Tech & Tactics to Master Live Video

Jaco Oosthuizen, YuLife: Tech at the service of wellness, wellbeing and long, sustainable ...

Simon Phipps, The Digital Insurer: Insurance, Rebooted

Bartosz Golba, GlobalData: The future of money – fintech’s role in educating retail in...

Timo Dreger, Coparion: Digitalisation and Banking

Chad West, Revolut: Growing Revolut from 0 - 2m customers with no marketing budget

Grant Sabatier, Millennial Money: How To Make $1 million in 5 Years or Less

Richard Kastelein, Cryptoassets Design Group: The Token Revolution - Initial Coin Offering...

Luis Rivera, ETFmatic: ETFmatic?

Kit Carson, GlobalData: Have we reached peak Fintech?

Antonio Eram, Netopia: Main Trends To Watch in FinTech Today

Stand-up Comedy with Jeff Leach

Alex Khan, Attractive Media: How To Create A Social Media Strategy In Light Of The Faceboo...

Dan Oros, Google: Marketing in the Age of Assistance

Edward Weatherall, Sizmek: AI integration - how advances in tech are helping marketers mak...

Michael Consagra, MediaCom Beyond Advertising: The Rising Cost of Attention; what marketer...

Krisztian Zvara, PHD Media: MERGE – The closing gap between technology and us

Marco Brini, EnvEve: Agriculture 4.0 the knowledge revolution. Artificial Intelligence exp...

Kimberly Littlefield, Enel X: Welcome to the New Power Economy

Alex Davies, Riot: You have been lied to - the Internet of Things is not a thing

Mike Parsons, Qualitance: Future Horizons - 5 Emerging Technologies and How Not to Mess T...

Costas Syrmos, Virtue Worlwide: The destination is one part of the journey

Oliver Yonchev, Social Chain: How to win the hearts and minds of the generation that expec...

Moses Velasco, Socialbakers: Five Trending Topics in Social Media

Christian Heinemann, Facebook: It's a Great Day to Video. The Bigger Picture of the Smalle...

Ben Phillips, Mediacom: Experiences over Impressions

Josh Fechter, BAMF Media: Why Marketing is Physics

David Schneider, That Lot: Top Tips and Techniques for Cutting Through On Social Media

Marvin Liao, 500 Startups: The Digital Media & Adtech World in the Post GDPR World!

Jean-Christophe Demarta, The New York Times: What Advertising Future For News Publishers?

Brandon Keenen, CNN: The Big Shift

Madalina Pangrate, Youtube: Where The World Chooses To Watch

Will Menage, Shazam: Naming tunes since 2000

Nancy Nemes, Google: The Future is Now: Connected Life & Diginauts. How virtual, augmented...

Andrew Weld-Moore, Facebook: Taking your business to the world with Facebook


Constantine Kamaras, IAB Europe: Digital Advertising in Europe

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