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5 Smart Home technologies for a cozy FUTURE

What’s the most important element when you’re thinking of a cozy home?

Is it the space? The ambient light? Or the technology that you can add in order to create a friendlier space?

We can’t help you buy universal happiness but here are 5 technologies that can transform a random house into the much desired home.

Now and in the near future.

  1. Smart Appliances: there are already lots of sensors on refrigerators, washers, dryers and other devices equipped with touchscreen displays. We are in the place where these appliances learns our preferences in order to make our life easier.

  1. A house that cleans itself: we’re talking about robotic vacuums that keep your house clean without you lifting a finger. With cameras, sensors and everything needed to create a map of the room, so you know that every corner was covered.

  1. Lighting Controls: maybe the most common technology when it comes to house of the future subject, lights can now be controlled from mobile devices, touchscreen panels or an automated system.

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  1. Technology to help you sleep better: it’s clear that bringing tech into the bedroom can be more harmful than helpful. But there are lots of smart-home devices created especially for your bedroom with the aim of improving your slumber. Here are some solutions so you can fall asleep like a baby and wake up with the right attitude 🙂

  1. High-tech toilets: Did you know that there are toilets in Japan that will perform a urinalysis after people do their business, and then inform them whether or not they have diabetes, or are at risk for it?

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