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How to deal with the future cyber threats? All the answers @ iCEE.fest 2018 with Professor Carsten Maple


Professor of Cyber Systems Engineering, Carsten Maple is the Director of Research in Cyber Security at University of Warwick.

He’s working with organisations in key sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and the broader public sector to address the challenges presented by today’s global cyber environment.

  • Here are Carsten’s current projects and here you can see all of his projects.

Asked about which cyber threats should worry public sector IT professionals over the next in 2018, he said: “One problem is the proliferation and modifications of attack tools” [source]

“Attack tools are shared freely, customised and improved, so it’s something of an arms race to protect systems a lot of the time”, Carsten Maple

Previously a Professor of Applicable Computing and Pro Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) at the University of Bedfordshire, Carsten Maple has an international research reputation and extensive experience of institutional strategy development and interacting with external agencies.

  • That’s why his opinions are always very valuable:

“Many people just focus on just the physical or just the cyber, but it’s at the nexus of both physical and virtual where we will see future threats and the future impact of such attacks”, Carsten Maple [source]

Carsten has published over 200 peer reviewed papers and is co-author of the UK Security Breach Investigations Report 2010, supported by the Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Police Central e-crime Unit.

  • He is also co-author of Cyberstalking in the UK, a report supported by the Crown Prosecution Service and Network for Surviving Stalking
  • His research has attracted millions of pounds in funding and has been widely reported through the media
  • He has given evidence to government committees on issues of anonymity, child safety online.

Also, Professor Maple is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and Vice chair of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing, UK.


Protect yourself/ your company: learn how to deal with the cyber threats from Carsten Maple @ iCEE.fest 2018.

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