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The impact of technology in healthcare: blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR and other trends @ 2018, next week

Launched three years ago as inside iCEE.fest, gathers the entire ehealth ecosystem.

With the inclusion of Lorena Macnaughtan, Director, in the HIMSS Europe Future50, as well as having sound representatives from Stanford Medicine X becomes one of the most important and impactful health innovation events in Europe.

“The HIMSS Europe Future50 is who we should look to for the future of healthcare today. They influence the potential of digital health to improve healthcare for all of us.” [sursă]

This year, takes place on June 14, the first day of iCEE.fest, in Bucharest, Grand Cinema&More, and here are just a few reasons why the healthcare, pharma and medtech players will be there:

1.  The Clinic and Hospital of the Future

  • Ksenia Benifard brings the experience as Foresight Manager in Alberta Health, Canada, in the masterclass delivered alongside Simona Ralph (who co founded the first innovation centre inside Alberta healthcare services, Canada)
  • Michael Seres, 11Health, pacient entreprenor and one of the most powerful voices in healthcare innovation, will present a solution that is as useful to patients, doctors and nurses, inside and outside the hospital.

2.   Hottest trends in healthcare: AI, VR, Blockchain

Not to miss the talks on artificial intelligence (Jordi Serrano Pons, Universal Doctor), human computer interaction (Horia Maior, Mixed Reality Lab), or blockchain (Bogdan Cioc, LiveHelix)

3.   On your prescription, a digital solution

  • Diane Jooris, OnComfort, brings to the only VR solution to date, certified as medical soft in Europe (CE mark) for pain and anxiety.
  • Eugene Borukhovici will talk about the change of paradigm in pharma and healthcare.
  • Treatments, particularly prevention, will be replaced or supported by digital interventions. Michael Fergusson shows that games are healthy. Using gaming principles, Michael developed medical interventions that proved to be very efficient, and so its company, Ayogo, was listed for two years as one of the most innovative companies in eHealth.

4.   In digital health, no taboos

At, healthcare is approached with no prejudice, as all taboos are opportunities for fantastic innovation.

Shawna Butler, an absolute star in health innovation, part of the Exponential Medicine @ Singularity University and Cancer XPRIZE teams, will talk about very relevant aspects for health, but thate are rarely approached by the medical system, like: sexual life, stigma, stress from being a caregiver and discuss how we can turn them into opportunities for better health.

Shawna will also mention startups in women health tech. She won’t be the only one who will talk social determinants of health that influence massively our health, but also Jaco Oosthuizen, Jeffrey SparrTom Wilson, Ksenia Benifard or Tedy Necula.

5.   Big Data in eHealth

Medicine will change radically by personal health data generation and sharing.

6.   The future of health happens today, in Romania

  • Florina Pinte, MD, Medlife, presents the first interventional heart surgery with a hologram in România.
  • Christian Rosedth, Janssen, will share the experience of the most important health hackathon in CEE, last autumn, in Bucharest.
  • As every year, has a session in Romanian, where new models of health services with patients at heart will be presented. 2018 takes place in Bucharest, June 14.

Agenda for main stage – Focus 2, and for hands on stage – Focus 4.