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Tech & Money, the perfect combination! Let’s talk about FinTech @ ICEEfest 2017

Alongside the brand new “Smart Homes” content stream, ICEEfest 2017 aims to initiate a conversation around the digitalization, technological advances, innovative business models and unification of the services market that drive the shift in the FinTech area.

There will be a one-day conference on the connection of technology and financial services and their impact on how the world borrows, buys and invests.

We want our money safer than our selfies“, PayPal

Main topics inside FinTech @ ICEEfest 2017


  • What are the practical methods for success in the digital world?
  • What is the current & future layout of the financial services?
  • How can ideas & capital be best mixed for growth and relevance?
  • How do the changing requirements of the digital customers shift the landscape?

Would you like to see it one more time. You may have blinked and missed it”, Tim Cook while launching Apple Pay

Long story short, who’s it for? Anyone who works with money – banking, lending, insurance, payments and wealth management

What’s the Concept?


FinTech sector is rapidly growing and changing the way people approach financial institutions and banking systems.

There are countless solutions and technologies aimed at disrupting the financial world’s lucrative status quo.

Fintech trends are all about artificial intelligence, blockchain, insurtech, robo advising, cryptocurrencies.

To stay ahead of the pack, entrepreneurs, investors, finance industry executives, researchers and developers need to get together at the same table.


Bitcoin allows people to be their own bank” Nicolas Cary, CEO, Blockchain

If you want to understand the powerful and fast-emerging technologies profoundly reshaping financial services and the knock-on effects that will have, in the whole context of interactivity – ICEEfest is the place to be!

CEE you in June!