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News teams up for the GDPR in Healthcare event, Bucharest, April 20 is partnering up with the Institute for Development in Health and Education to bring you another… all included event, GDPR in Healthcare – April 20, Bucharest, Cotroceni National Museum.

When it comes to our personal data in the digital world, there are more and more questions rising – where are they stored, who access them and why…

Healthcare is a strategic area in any country and eHealth is a strategic area for European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, will have a great impact upon it, as it often deals with “sensitive data”. This regulation comes in effect in May and it is important that all healthcare stakeholders understand it, for both rights and obligations.

Do you want to know what other countries, like The Netherlands or Estonia, are dealing with health data? Or how Romania is? Do you want to get practical information from legal GDPR specialists?

Moreover, speakers will explore how this regulation might impact research, public policies and health entrepreneurship and innovation.

As you already expect it, Lorena Macnaughtan, Director, is looking forward to welcome you on the day.

Here are only some of the brilliant speakers of the day.

More about speakers and agenda, here (Romanian only).

The event is free to attend and welcomes all healthcare stakeholders: public and governmental institutions, academia, patients associations and other health NGOs, doctors, healthcare providers, pharma, pharmacies, insurers, IT producers and, of course, entrepreneurs…

Given the limited passes, all those interested are kindly asked to fill in the form by April 9.

The event is organised by the Institute for Development in Health and Education, with the support of the Romanian Presidential Administration, in strategic partnership with and eHealth Romania.

***** offers an interactive platform for learning and networking, which aims to draw together the entire eHealth ecosystem. has its 3rd edition this year on, June 14th.