Event Director, Lorena Macnaughtan was included in the "Future50 in health IT Europe" community - UPGRADE 100 News
ICEEfest Event Director, Lorena Macnaughtan was included in the “Future50 in health IT Europe” community

With its 3rd edition ready to rock in June 14th, was designed as a platform for learning and networking, aiming to draw together the entire healthcare innovation ecosystem: from those interested in health and wellness and patients to doctors, medical providers, pharma, insurers researchers, entrepreneurs to public and governmental organizations.

In that respect, it’s the first of its kind event in Central and Eastern Europe region, and one of the very few in the world.

The iCEE.fest stream on innovation in healthcare and it benefits from Lorena Macnaughtan‘s experience since its inception.

  • In the photo above, the health Event Director is next to the prestigious professor, surgeon and innovator Shafi Ahmed, during 2017

One of the international advocates for inclusiveness in healthcare conferences, Lorena is also one of the signatories of the Patients Included in healthcare conferences charter.

What does it mean to be in “Future50”?

A voice, advisor and thought leader of transformation through information and technology in healthcare since 1961, HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) has just included Lorena Macnaughtan in its “Future50 in health IT Europe” community.

“The HIMSS Europe Future50 is who we should look to for the future of healthcare today. They influence the potential of digital health to improve healthcare for all of us” [source: HIMSS’s blog]

HIMSS Europe will provide a platform for this community to “share expertise, collaborate over borders and foster innovation both individually and as a group… and with a mechanism to promote the eHealth agenda at a European level.


  • Founded in 1961, HIMSS encompasses more than 60,000 members, 600 companies and a network of more than one million Health IT key influencers who drive innovation across the world.
  • It’s the largest health IT membership organisation in the world
  • It’s the only hub with a health IT portfolio spanning the whole of Europe

Here you can see the complete “Future50” list.

About Lorena Macnaughtan                 

Lorena has a rich experience in the IT industry and she writes her doctoral thesis within the Horizon Digital Economy Institute‘s multidisciplinary program, University of Nottingham (among other projects).

***** continues to develop globally, after establishing several international partnerships to date. The event has its 3rd edition this year on, June 14th.