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How an interconnected society fights death and wins. The fantastic story of Salvatore Iaconesi.

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Everybody loves technology. That’s why year after year more and more people are coming to ICEEfest.

But sometimes it’s more than that. Sometimes it is about the people. The people and their incredible stories.

Salvatore Iaconesi is the best example of this year’s edition.

Salvatore’s “La Cura”

Salvatore Iaconesi stood in front of us @ ICEEfest even though a couple of years ago he was diagnosed with brain cancer. But it’s a happy end story that goes like this:

One day, in the hospital, I asked a nurse if I could have an image of my cancer. She didn’t take me to seriously because she just said – ok, ok, I see you later. I thought that a moment of intimacy with my cancer will help me to better understand what happens to me“, said Salvatore, trying to explain his first emotions.

His creative mind didn’t get stuck too much and tried to find some answers at this questions:

  • How to cure my cancer?
  • How to cure me as individual?

He discussed his problem with many doctors. He talked with other patients. And then he asked the whole world for an opinion.

All the answers were gathered in La Cura: a website and later a book which is the best example of how an open source environment can help save someone’s life.


  • La Cura Summer School (from 22nd to 26th August 2016) intend to explore the ubiquitous body in the hyper-connection era
  • The workshop is open to maximum 40 students, professionals and those passionate of arts, technologies, design, scientific disciplines, anthropology, sociology, data science, DIY electronic, philosophy and ecology.

This is Salvatore’s complete presentation @ ICEEfest. Discover how a connected society transformed a terrible disease into a spectacular community.

Innovation/ Transgression

The other thing that you should know about Salvatore is that in his day by day life he is “an engineer, artist, hacker and interaction designer“.

From this perspective, he went on Innovation Stage 1 @ ICEEfest and talked about the role of transgression in the creative industry.

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Salvatore’s presentation was a delightful combination between his personal experiences as an artist and the opinions of some internationally acknowledged authors.

The role of the artist today, as always, is to recover for the general public the larger context that has been lost by science’s exclusive investigations of text“, Derrick de Kerckhove.

Find out why Salvatore thinks that experiences are more valuable than products and services and how transgression creates spaces and innovates in the presentation below:

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