Founder of the connected medical device company, 11Health, Michael Seres is an inspiration for all participants at 2018 - UPGRADE 100 News

Founder of the connected medical device company, 11Health, Michael Seres is an inspiration for all participants at 2018

Diagnosed aged 12 with the incurable bowel condition Crohn's disease, Michael Seres became in late 2011 the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the UK at The Churchill Hospital in Oxford.

He started blogging about his journey and now he’s a published author and patient mentor.

“Technology has been a key driver in changing the healthcare landscape in general. No longer are we in isolation, you can now go on line and engage, learn, communicate with patients around the world like never before”, Michael Seres [source]

In addition, he develops social media programmes and on line communities specifically focusing on patient to patient & patient to doctor interaction.

  • 11Health is the world’s first sensor network company focused on helping patients with long term chronic conditions who are connected to medical bags (stomas).

Michael is also the inaugural Stanford Medicine X Entrepreneur in Residence 2015. Medicine X is a hub for new ideas and technologies about the future of medicine and healthcare. He is a keynote speaker at many events in healthcare innovation.

“At Stanford Medicine X we have a philosophy of everyone included which is around the fact that everyone, including the patient, has a role to play and each role has to be based on mutual respect and empathy”, Michael Seres [source]

  • health is the only healthcare innovation event in Europe affiliated to the ethos Everyone Included™, born at Stanford Medicine X.

VIDEO/ Michael Seres: What is “Everyone Included”?

Other key facts from Michael’s activity:

  • He was the co-Chair of NHS Digital Services User Council & helped implement the first skype clinics in UK
  • He has unique and specific expertise in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Co-facilitor on Patient Leadership programme at Centre For Patient Leadership & Patient lead for #nhssm
  • Executive Committee member of Oxford Transplant Foundation responsible for developing the Oxford Transplant centre web presence, build social media strategies and on line communities
  • Patient Voice/Ambassador for National Campaign for Better standards of food within the NHS. The campaign focuses delivering mandatory standards of hospital food.
  • He was the catalyst behind the Guts In Motion annual bike ride raising in excess of £250,000 in 3 years.


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