BREAKING NEWS: For the first time in the region, the rising star of social media TikTok will present @ iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 - UPGRADE 100 News

BREAKING NEWS: For the first time in the region, the rising star of social media TikTok will present @ iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100

After Facebook, Instagram, and Netflix, iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 brings you another exclusivity –  TikTok, the iOS and Android media app that enables users to create short videos while song lip-syncing, dancing, performing comedy sketches or passing creative challenges.

The innovative short-form video app, previously known as, merged with TikTok in August 2018. 3 months later it had already taken the social media landscape by storm, acquiring 6 million downloads, with more than 500 million active users across 150 countries.

  • In September 2018, it surpassed Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to become the most-downloaded app in the US that month.
  • TikTok was downloaded more than 104 million times on Apple’s App store during the full first half of 2018
  • It now has more global active users than Twitter (336 million) and Snapchat (186 million) combined.

Now available in over 150 markets, and in 75 languages, Tik Tok allows users to create a short video of themselves which often feature music in the background, can be sped up, slowed down or edited with a filter.

“Our mission is to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and moments that matter, directly from the mobile phone”

What is TikTok?

Background info

TIK TOK was created in 2016 by a Beijing-based tech company called ByteDance, which launched in 2012.

In November 2017, ByteDance acquired ($ for 1 billion) and absorbed it in August, migrating all accounts over to TikTok.

A Chinese Internet technology company, ByteDance also runs BuzzVideo and Vigo Video:

  • It had over 800 million daily active users (over 1 billion accumulated users) across all of its content platforms as of November 2018
  • The company was valued at $78 billion as of November 2018 and is considered one of the most valuable unicorns in the world.

UPGRADE Stage 1, Special Keynote: Meet the Rising Star of Social Media (June 13)

Country Manager for TikTok Spain and LATAM @ TikTok, Noel Nuez will have a Special Keynote in the first day of the festival.

In his presentation,TikTok, the power of self-expression through real short videos, Noel Nuez reveals how the most appealing emerging social network worldwide arises with top entertaining content in western countries.

TikTok will bring important key messages on how they have grown its audience exponentially in the last year satisfying the consumption demands of generations Z and millennials.

Being the first real social network that reached an audience of first graders, it definitely holds the perfect recipe to attract an audience mainly driven by a low attention span, high engagement and strong affinity to wow-content that interconnected through creativity and self-expression.

This talk will help the audience understand how the app culturally connects Asia and the Western countries by way of leading short-vertical-video. All geared by music and an artificial intelligence that learns in a dizzying way what content to show to users.

=>>> Major competitors for TikTok, YouTube and Facebook will have a dedicated  stage + inside UPGRADE 100: Focus Stage 1. + keynote presentations of Upgrade Stages 1 and 2. Be there!

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UPGRADE 100 Agenda

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The digital transformation festival of CEE will take place on June, 13th& 14th, in Bucharest – Romania.

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