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The agencies trained by Mindscapes won more than 25 Cannes Lions including 3 Grand Prix Lions. Ravid Kuperberg: “Everyone can upgrade the way they operate their creativity”


Creativity. In different proportions, of course, we all have it within us.

Humans are gifted with a creative operating system but how each and every one of us is controling those buttons is a different story.

But there is hope. And that’s because the creative thinking tools from Mindscapes can save you from staring at the ceiling for hours, waiting for that great idea to arive.

The idea is there, waiting to be discovered, and Ravid Kuperberg will be in Bucharest next week @ iCEE.fest 2017 (June 15th & 16th) just to tell you how to operate your creativity in a more efficient manner.

  • Mindscapes offers a range of creative enhancement training programs for ad agencies, digital, media and PR agencies, as well as for marketing professionals
  • Over the past years more than 25 Cannes Lions including 3 Grand Prix Lions have been given to work made by agencies trained by Mindscapes, using their creative thinking tools.

Partner @ Mindscapes, Ravid Kuperberg will have two special moments at iCEEfest:

  • Special Keynote: The rules behind breaking the rules (Upgrade Stage, June 15th)

How to translate recurring thinking patterns embedded in award winning creative ideas into powerful structured thinking tools.

  • Exclusive Session: Revealing powerful insights (VIP 1, June 16th)

The majority of the most creative and effective award winning campaigns are based on game-changing insights. Yet, uncovering a truly meaningful insight is one of the hardest tasks in marketing communications.

Before the festival, icee.news talked with Ravid about creativity, thinking tools, awards and how the tech changed the storytelling:

  • What is a creative thinking tool and how does it work?

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a working tool for creative thinking. 

As John Cleese once stated: “creativity is not a talent, it is a way of operating” [source

Some are more skilled at operating it than others. But everyone can benefit from a toolkit helping them operate their creativity in a more efficient and effective manner.

That’s what our thinking tools aim to do. 

The Mindscapes thinking tools are created by deconstructing the most innovative and creative award winning campaigns from around the world, while decoding the recurring thinking patterns embedded in them.

Based on these patterns, we have developed a set of practical thinking tools, which send the mind towards specific thinking paths.

Thereby helping generate a more efficient and effective creative thinking process. The logic behind the magic…

  • With more than 25 Cannes lions, including 3 Grand Prix, which were given to work made by Mindscapes trained agencies, you seem like the Wizard of Oz. Is capacity in an agency also a factor, or you can do wonders with any team?

The creative assets of the agency are definitely a factor. The people in the agency are the Wizards. 

Our tools are not there to replace their creativity. We simply offer a book of ‘spells’ for the wizards to use.

Which is there to help them break rules, disrupt thinking molds and go wild in a… structured informed manner.

Everyone can upgrade the way they operate their creativity. With or without Mindscapes.

Hopefully with Mindscapes it’s done in a more effective and enjoyable manner.

  • How has technology changed storytelling and who’s most affected?

The award winning Belgian agency Duval Guillaume have a wonderful statement about that:

“Don’t tell people a story, give people a story to tell.”

And that’s the key change we have all experienced in marketing communications over the past years.

It’s more about Storysharing and Storyteching where technology and brand narrative are merged into one, in a variety of innovative, engaging, entertaining ways.

Many of which represent recurring patterns of thinking. Of course…


iCEE.fest will take place in Bucharest on June, 15th and 16th.

Don’t miss the best price available and join the place to be for the CEE digital and tech industry in Bucharest, Romania!


Daniel Marton


Daniel Marton

After 3 years as a radio reporter (back in 2003), Daniel has experienced some other options that media can offer: 2 years as a special reporter (print), 2 years as a news commentator (tv), 2 years as an editor-in-chief (online) plus another 5 years as an online manager (digital). Since 2016, he is a freelance journalist, delivering documented articles and creative ideas for any kind of media. Ever since then, Daniel joined the iCEE.fest family, as a contributing editor for iCEE.news.

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