"When it comes to time on mobile, apps rule" - Rustam Ziganshin/ Facebook @ ICEEfest 2016 - UPGRADE 100 News
1-2.10, 2020
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“When it comes to time on mobile, apps rule” – Rustam Ziganshin/ Facebook @ ICEEfest 2016


ICEEfest 2016 brought on the same stage companies whose products are vital for anyone working in online & tech.

The Internet Giants could not miss from this meeting: Rustam Ziganshin/ Facebook went on Innovation Stage 1 and talked about some of the hottest topics these days: Mobile, Apps and Video Content.

“Facebook is a mobile first company”

Agency Partner CEE @ Facebook, Rustam Ziganshin focused his speech around the device “that broke all marketing tools: the mobile“.

  • 45% of global video views are now on mobile devices
  • 1 of 5 minutes spent on mobile devices it’s on Facebook or Instagram

And because every marketer and every brand experience now a new challenge, the main question is how to reach the audience in the new mobile life?


Rustam said there are 3 dimensions to consider:

  • Time: people are spending more and more time on mobile. And that time is in Apps, where people expect to discover things just for them
  • Dicovery: mobile video captures attention and empowers discovery
  • Value: it’s more important than ever for brands to bring a value for consumer

Mobile devices intensify the creativity

There are some major expectations that brands can explore but the one of immersive communication brings a lot of value to the products.

That’s why Facebook created incredibly useful tools like: creative canvas, video in carousel ads, creative effects and visual surprises.


Facebook has become a video platform“, said Rustam. And the numbers are supporting this affirmation:

  • April, 2014: 1 billion total video views on Facebook
  • November, 2015: 8 billion total video views on Facebook
  • 616% growth in mobile views 2012 – 2015

Below, the complete presentation of Rustam Ziganshin @ ICEEfest 2016:

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