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ThinkDigital launched Mediafax Audiences, the first private programmatic marketplace at a publisher level in Romania

As of today, media agencies and big advertising clients in Romania can buy programmatic advertising in Mediafax Group’s network, through ThinkDigital, the actual designer of this new product, and the leading local ad-network in Romania (accordingly to the independent measurement provided by the Romanian Transmedia Bureau through SATI study – the numbers, here)

The 4 available audiences in this initial stage of the project are:

  • C-Level Executives (comprising top managers, both men and women).
  • HiTech Enthusiasts (mostly male public, gadget, IT and tech aficionados)
  • Sophisticated Women (women interested in luxury products, with above average propensity to purchase upscale items and services in fashion, beauty and travel)
  • Sports & Betting Fans (gathering a predominantly male sports & betting passionate public)

ThinkDigital Romania, the leading local adnetwork in Romania, launched today Mediafax Audiences: 4 programmatic audiences for the high-end brands and campaigns that are targeting premium users with nice ad formats provided by Project Agora. The project was developed for Mediafax Group, one of the biggest Romanian top quality publishers, using the AppNexus technology.Press release (RO):

Publicată de THINKDIGITAL pe Miercuri, 5 iulie 2017

The audiences were created using the AppNexus technology, one of the global leaders in the industry, taking into consideration data collected in the past 6 months from the approximately 10,4 million unique browsers which, according SATI, visit the premium network of Mediafax group (garnering titles such as,,,,,,,,,, as well as other B2B and B2C products).

There were also other elements that have been reviewed, such as the type and style of the articles that have been read throughout the time, as well as data from other products of the group but also from other providers and independent clients that agreed to share relevant info to maximize the efficiency of the campaigns.

“Mediafax Audiences is positioned as a premium product, the campaigns that we offer in this segment will stand a higher rate as compared to the classic display. The buying will be done both automatically, through the agencies’ DSPs as well as order-based, if a certain client or agency does not own yet the necessary technology” Cristina Cucuiu (photo) General Manager, ThinkDigital Romania

“4 years after we opened as a group the local programmatic advertising market with Project Agora, as a regional alternative to Google and Facebook’s offer, it’s time to share our experience with other significant local publishers, willing to expand their income sources by using the newest trends and technologies in this field”, explained Dragos Stanca, the local representative of the TDG (group that includes in Romania ThinkDigital Romania, the iCEE.fest and TailWind, company which offers adtech products and operates Project Agora, the first regional programmatic marketplace launched in Romania, Greece, Hungary, Cyprus, Bulgaria and the UAE).

Mediafax Audiences will promote only non-intrusive MagicAds formats – templates can be checked here.

The product was developed by ThinkDigital România in partnership with TailWind EMEA.

ThinkDigital is also the exclusive online sales representative of Mediafax Group and the leader of the local networks according to SATI ranking (available here) as of June 2017.


DISCLAIMER: This is a commercial article. ThinkDigital is also the publisher of and the organizer of iCEE.fest