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1-2.10, 2020
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Joris Evers, Netflix @ ICEEfest 2016: “We put consumers in control”


Netflix had the opening keynote at ICEEfest 2016 and this was the first ever presentation for the giant network in the CEE region.

Vice President and Head of Communications/Europe @ Netflix, Joris Evers delivered a speech about their future plans for Central and Eastern Europe.

“Classic TV is the same for a very long time. It’s one of the few things in the world that doesn’t put consumers in charge. It’s somebody else who decide for you. What’s great at Netflix is that we put consumers in control”, said Evers.


Some key findings:

  • Netflix became available around the world in January 2016 (190+ countries, 81 million global members, 100+ original series & films)
  • Geography doesn’t matter: all episodes are available at once/ global release
  • You can watch Netflix in Ultra HD 4k
  • More than a thousand engineers are working everyday to improve the user experience

Watch the full presentation:

You can find out what are Netflix’s advantages in front of Classic TV and how the network is trying to add more relevant content for each and every country in the presentation below:

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