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1-2.10, 2020
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#ICEEhealth – CEE the future of health

ICEEhealth is one of the new content streams at ICEEfest 2016, where we aim to see the major impact the digital has over the most important aspect of our lives: our health.

Digital health (aka ehealth, mhealth) has evolved at an unbelievable pace over the last few years, fuelled by the proliferation of smartphones and sensing technologies (wearables included). Today, it accounts for one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with funding which surpasses expectations year after year. For instance, there are now over 200 accelerators across the world in digital health.

In health and wellness, digital technologies have opened space for innovation, brought together various players, and also stretched healthcare from illness to fitness, stretched medical research to citizen science and to personalized medicine. It’s just the beginning.

Why ICEEhealth?

Digital health is taking over now, everywhere, at an amazing rate. Central and Eastern Europe has already great innovation coming out, plus is ripe for systemic innovation across the entire health and wellness spectrum. Talent and opportunities collide, and this could lead to a great competitive edge. With ICEEhealth we aim not only to educate and inspire, but to foster an innovation network for health.

ICEEhealth for all

ICEEhealth opens up for all digital health stakeholders: doctors, patients, pharma, insurers, researchers, healthcare providers, pharmacies, investors, designers, tech companies, marketing, government and regulators. Notably, retail companies have got in the health game as of 2016, so when we say all included, we mean it! Innovation in health is coming from all, you just have to dare!

What are you going to see and hear about at ICEEhealth?

– Wearables and apps – There is a wearable for most parts of the body and surely an app for almost all health and wellness related issues. These technologies do not only offer amazing windows to our own bodies, but also empower us to take control over our health.

In this day and age, with the explosion of apps, etc…, if you don’t walk in the shoes of the patient, that is going to be using your technology, you’re gonna fail. You’re gonna absolutely fail! – (Michael Seres 2015)

– New business models – The world of connected health devices opens up new business models: telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, liquid clinics, new hospital concepts, beyond the pill care models.

– Social by default – In health, convert to engaging in social media to stay ahead of the curve. The social side of technology makes innovation possible in ways that were hard to conceive a few years ago in healthcare.

[T]his crowdfunding where you say “Come and we will build” [is] one of the biggest new trends of building medical devices now…” (Walter de Brouwer, 2013)

– Data – The power of data in health has just unleashed. Wearables and apps generate amazing quantities of data, and we have only just started imagining its potential: from digital intervention to epidemics control, personalized medicine, all the omics (genomics, metabolomics, micobiomics…). Data enables new business models for health and wellness, or even research (expect the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of biotech).

– 3D – From bespoke limbs to bioprinting, 3D will change the face of many aspects of medicine and pharma.

– Artificial intelligence – From automated diagnostics to predictive models, AI is certainly here to stay. And so is virtual reality, with the first VR live broadcasted surgery on the 14th of April this year… history has already been written in medical education.

“I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. A new era is beginning.” Steve Jobs, Apple

We all have a part to play in (our) health. Learn from and with our amazing speakers:

– Salvatore Iaconesi on art, health and open source
– Rozalina Lepadatu on patient voices and healthcare change
– Lavinia Ionita, MD on bringing personalized medicine to people
– Rune Theill on digital health startups
Vlad Mixich on what health outcomes really mean
Mircea Popa on how the digital changes the clinic
– Stefan Busnatu, MD on lifestyle and why telemedicine is important in cardiology
Lorena Macnaughtan, MBA on how digital is changing health as we know it
Denise Silber (Doctors 2.0 & You) pioneer of Digital Health in Europe,
Michael Seres (11Health), amazing patient entrepreneur
Karolina Korth (Roche Diabetes Care) on how technology can enable healthier lives
Scott Summit 3D entrepreneur, designer and lecturer
Cosmin Mihaiu on how games can make therapy fun
Lucian Ionita on eHealth in Romania and wearables frenzy
Pamela Kato, Ed. M., Ph.D – on serious games for health
Alistair Wickens – on where is wearable technology heading in health?

See more and expect more to be announced! Keep an eye on this page and on our news! Change is happening and it’s happening now. Think digital health and join us on the biggest innovation territory of the 21st century!

Stay well and keep connected – #ICEEhealth.

The ticket for ICEEhealth can be purchased separately, at 75 euro. Also, you can access all ICEEfest streams (ICEEhealth included) with 200 euro. Book now.