eCommerce & performance marketing training session with Ivan Imhoff/ House of Kaizen: "if you want to make money, you need to take care of people" - UPGRADE 100 News
1-2.10, 2020
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eCommerce & performance marketing training session with Ivan Imhoff/ House of Kaizen: “if you want to make money, you need to take care of people”


After a highly appreciated keynote in 2015, Ivan Imhoff came back on ICEEfest‘s stage with some great ideas about eCommerce and performance marketing.

Head of Conversion Rate Optimization @ House of Kaizen, Ivan is helping companies around the world massively grow their end to end customer acquisition.

Steps to a personalization strategy

If you can’t understand what the consumer thinks, wants and feels, you’ll never be able to design the right conversation“, believes Ivan Imhoff.

So, when everybody talks about Programmatic, Algorithms and Big Data, Ivan thinks a personalization strategy is the successful way to a better conversion.


First, you’ll have to understand the 6 pillars of Conversion Rate Optimization.

  • Value proposition/ Foundation of persuasion: crafting fact, benefits and emotions
  • Friction/ Lubrication the UX experience: removing user journey bottle necks
  • FPOC/ First points of contact: optimizing ad promise to landing page
  • Retailing & Pricing/ Optimizing product revenue yield: product mix, decoy product and price points
  • Incentive framework/ Incentivizing incremental sale: sales structure, bundles and discounts
  • Personalization/ Changing content and experience by: channel, device, visitor and behavior

Then use the insights to drive a personalization strategy.

The challenges of personalization

We are overloaded with data“, said Ivan who thinks that “if you want to make money you need to take care of people. And when you take care of people you help their user journey“.


Algorithmic personalization brings good results but in order to have better sales you have to have CRO activity first.

Just ask yourself:

  • Do I use the right messages?
  • Do I have the best technology?
  • Do I understand the psychology of individuals?

After a large volume of work, the rewards could be phenomenal.

Discover all the details in the presentations below:

The future of Conversion Rate Optimization

Minutes after the speech above, Ivan Imhoff had a special keynote in which he explained why Dynamic Content Personalization is the best thing to do for a better conversion.

He brought some great examples and case studies in order to make us understand that “conversion is about understanding people“.

And if you put the right questions, the success is not far away:

  • What are the visitors’ needs and concerns?
  • What is the key information needed here?
  • What are the story components?
  • How do you order those pieces?
  • How will the visitor interpret the script?

Ivan’s special keynote @ ICEEfest 2016 is a true inspiration for everybody involved in CRO. These are 2 hours of intensive training not to be missed:

How can you get access?

  • If you have a valid ticket for ICEEfest 2016:
    • Send us an email at tickets@upgrade100.comand you’ll receive your password in 1 hour or less.
  • If you don’t have a ticket for ICEEfest 2016:
    • You can buy one for ICEEfest 2017 here (this also includes your password for ICEE Academy)
    • You can buy only one password to watch the presentations (here, also).

For any other question please email us at and we will reply in 1 hour or less.

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