A human-centered designer and foresight strategist, Ksenia Benifand will talk the hospital of the future and… love @ iCEE.health 2018 - UPGRADE 100 News

A human-centered designer and foresight strategist, Ksenia Benifand will talk the hospital of the future and… love @ iCEE.health 2018

This year, iCEE.health (Bucharest, June 14) will have not one but two stages inside iCEE.fest.

On the main stage, Focus Stage 2 there will be presentations from eHealth influencers, top-class speakers, health professionals, health entprepreneurs, and on Focus Stage 4 there will be more hands on sessions – workshops, masterclasses and debates.

Ksenia Benifand, human-centered designer and foresight strategist, will offer her expertise as former Manager of the Strategic Foresight Unit at Alberta Health (Government of Alberta) and offer a masterclass in the Hospital and Clinic of the Future, alongside Simona Ralph, also an expert in health innovation.

The traditional delivery model of a hospital or clinic as the “hub” of care, with a single centralized facility, providing every facet of disease management and treatment is being disrupted.

The exponential growth of digital and virtual health technologies to deliver care, coupled with patient and family expectations for on-demand services with flexible options, is paving the way for increasingly cost effective and safe deployment of advanced technology deeper into the community, and the movement of higher-acuity care into the outpatient environment.

Join this Master Class to explore how latest technologies and care delivery models can benefit patients and families, health workforce, service delivery organizations and policy developers. Find out more about this masterclass, here.

What is love?

 You may say “What’s love got to do with… digital health?”

There is more and more awareness that empathy and emotional wellbeing are very important for health, including for clinical outcomes. Consequently, there is much innovation that aims to reinvent health through empathy, creativity and technology. Last year, we had the amazing Yoko Kamitani Sen  on this very topic.

This time around, Ksenia will also bring us a very, very special talk about… love, on the main iCEE.health stage.

This year, amongst the very special projects unveiled at the festival, we are excited to present the findings of Ksenia Benifand‘s #BurningLove project.

“Love is an active state of being, which can be learned, practiced and shared”

Beside her experience as the Manager of the Strategic Foresight Unit, Ksenia is also excited about and dabbling in application of Virtual Reality as a sense-making, empathy building, and co-design tool.

And she actually designed such an experience, named Burning Love.

  • #BurningLove project is an immersive participatory installation designed to help people feel, participate in, and co-create the ritual of love through deep sensory experiences involving storytelling in virtual reality (VR), activity participation, and co-design
  • The aim is to teach that love is an active state, can be learned, practiced and shared through vulnerability, deep listening and communication.

Intrigued? 🙂 Find out what love is… from #VR to real life!


iCEE.health 2018 will take place in Bucharest, RO – June 14, inside iCEE.fest 2018

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