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Upgrade to your best version: the main message of iCEE.fest 2017


The concept of iCEE.fest 2017 is sharp and clear: we are trying to create a place for all the digital and tech experts from CEE (and not only) to upgrade and become better. We all need a constant “system” update in a highly competitive environment, aren’t we?


Here. We. Go. Again! www.ICEEfest.com

Posted by ICEEfest on Thursday, April 20, 2017

If you agree, see you in June! Bucharest is a fantastic city – discover more about that here.

Dragoș Stanca


Dragoș Stanca

Dragoş Stanca is a digital media expert with 20+ years of experience based in Bucharest, Romania. He is the founder of UPGRADE 100, the managing partner of TDG - Think Digital Group of companies (in Romania) and the President of BRAT - The Romanian Transmedia Audit Bureau. Full bio:

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