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Programmatic Journalism: how data science, tech & creativity must work toghether


ICEEfest 2016 brings the latest tech innovations that publishers with worldwide succes are using in order to optimize and monetize their content.

Speakers from CNN, Euronews, BBC and Eurosport will tell you everything about quality content in The Global Content Kings session, on June 9th/ Innovation Stage 1.

But what about the data science and the technologies that are helping the publishers to transform good content into a better one?

The answer to this question is coming in the second day of the festival, in the session reserved for the Programmatic Revolution.

“Programmatic Journalism provides publishers the opportunity to manage all of their digital assets via programmatic infrastructure which delivers speed and scale to their business”, says Carl Jordan/ Country Director @ The Newsroom, a Chargeads company.

As an AdTech specialist, Carl is coming to ICEEfest to talk about how Data Driven Journalism and Native Advertising can truly empower publishers.

And because the personal examples works just fine, this is what Carl Jordan says about the way The Newsroom uses Programmatic Journalis: “The Newsroom enables publishers to capture their 1st party data and turn them into audience segments. Displaying content based on intelligent signals means better engagement with/ from their users“.

Don’t miss Carl Jordan’s presentation for more details about this subject: Innovation Stage 2, June 10th/ from 12.30.

This is the complete Programmatic Revolution Stage:

About Chargeads – headquartered in Singapore, it’s a global technology company, helping publishers, advertisers and agencies around the world to lead, innovate and trade more effectively over the programmatic infrastructure.

ICEEfest 2016 is just around the corner! Use our app to take the most of your time with us.




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