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ICEEfest is all about Innovation: from our guests to the companies that support the festival


ICEEfest 2016 is one of the largest Internet related festivals organized in the CEE region.

It’s about good&quality Content and the best ways publishers are gettig there. It’s for the Creative ones but for the AdTech Innovators too. It’s about eCommerce, the Internet Giants and the most important thing in our life: Health.

The companies which chose to support the festival fits perfectly in this story. And that’s because each and every one of them broght into the market products based on the latest tech innovations.

Let’s meet the sponsors & partners @ ICEEfest:

  1. ICEEfest 2016 is Presented by Orange


  • With more than 252 millions clients, Orange is one of the biggest communication companies worldwide
  • Also, Orange is the market lider in Romania, with more than 10 millions clients
  • Main partner @ ICEEfest 2016, Orange is coming with a few surprises for the festival’s public:
    • free Internet through Wi-Fi@ICEEfest network
    • 10% discount for any Orange accessory, using this code – ICEEFEST2016
    • discover the latest gadgets and accessories @ Orange Lounge: Polaroid Zip & Vector Watch (vouchers discounts included), My HeartBeats Euro App, the interactive table with Millidge and Doig games plus the pocket size printers and gif-gif animations.
  1. The festival will be Driven by Volkswagen


  • did you know that:
    • your smartphone can control the A/C of an Golf GTE even before you hit the road?
    • a Passat GTE offers 50 km of range on a full charge/ just electric mode?
  • all of these VW models, plus the new Tiguan, will be exhibited inside the festival
  • learn about App-Connect & e-Remote and other innovations that VW cars brings
  • find out more about what full electric & hybrid & GTE mode means and why the VW tech is getting better and better
  1. In association with Xaxis


  • One of our major sponsors for the second year in a row, Xaxis is a global digital media platform that programmatically connects advertisers to audiences across all addressable channels
  • delivers results for over 2,800 clients in 45 markets across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East
  • Advertisers working with Xaxis achieve exceptionally high return on advertising spend through the company’s proprietary media products, as well as through its specialist companies, Light Reaction, Bannerconnect, and ActionX
  1. BCR is the Innovation Stage Partner


  • BCR is giving us the eXperience – the first digital banking unit with video counselling that will revolutionize the customers’ experience through banking technologies used in an interactive, friendly and educational manner
  • for the first time in Romania, a bank will integrate the customer’s experience with technologies, such as: Video-counselling, Interactive touch-screen desks, Idesk, 24/24 complete banking services and a Business HUB for BCR customers
  1. ICEEfest is Connected by Jacobs

j boot

  • what better way to bring people toghether than a good coffee? Especially when we talk about a coffee from the future 🙂
  • Jacobs presents us a hi-tech Booth, where we can have a personalised experience
  • it activates when you are getting closer and it even ask you what coffee do you want 🙂
  • just scan your palm, watch the green laser game and of course… enjoy the coffee 😉
  1. Prometheus is the AdTech Stream Partner


  • Prometheus Programmatic is part of thegroup, the largest communication group in Romania
  • it’s the first programmatic media buying agency in Romania and works for a large variety of well-known and respected international and local brands
  • it’s based on technology, heavily fuelled by unique local data, operated with passion and enthusiasm for adtech
  • their bet for the near future is programmatic TV and outdoor (already taking steady steps towards it with Media Investment, a sister company from thegroup)
  1. SellerEngine is our eCommerce Stage Partner


  • are you ready to go global? SellerEngine brings you over 10 years of experience in selling on Amazon, so that you reach out to millions of customers worldwide, without having to worry about traffic and marketing strategies
  • making Amazon easy is what they’re all about, and they’re here to help you grow your business with as little effort as possible
  • from the account opening in the set-up phase, to your very first sales, they cover the ins and outs of having a business on Amazon, in an automated, simple process.
  1. Admiral: for the ultimate online trading experience


  • it helps you turn your passions and know how into profits
  • for the festival’s public, Admiral Markets presents the ‘FANGtastic 4’, an acronym made from the names of four tech stocks—Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google—that led the US stock market in 2015 (+82.7%)
  • offering a state-of-the-art software and quality assistance for trading the new trends in Internet and IT
  • just install the MetaTrader 4 platform and enjoy online trading anywhere and anytime.
  1. BAT – glo iFUSE brings you the most creative minds of the festival, in the Creativity Stream


  • glo iFUSE is a futuristic device that uses hybrid technology to let you enjoy an authentic tobacco experience freely inside
  • as the tobacco used is not burned, glo iFUSE comes without the smoke, smell or ash of traditional tobacco products
  • enjoy the load of unique ideas in the Creativity Stream, then join us in the FUN AREA to try the hybrid experience provided by glo iFUSE 
  1. TP-LINK presents Talon AD7200 @ ICEEfest


  • Founded in 1996TP-LINK  has become the world’s leading provider of SOHO & SMB networking products, offering both innovative and award winning solutions to the market
  • Ranked  1 provider of WLAN products in the World, TP-LINK supply to over 120 countries, serving tens of millions of consumers worldwide
  • Talon AD7200, first 11AD Wi-Fi router in the world, uses the latest, most powerful wireless technology to provide speeds of up to 4600Mbps on the groundbreaking 60GHz Wi-Fi band, completely revolutionizing your definition of fast.

ICEEfest – Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival – is organised in Bucharest, on June 9th and 10th. This is the festival’s Agenda and the last tickets are available here.




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