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Healthcare in the Digital Era: Romanian patients point of view – research by Medic One, presented for the first time at iCEE.health 2017


The only all included event in the CEE region dedicated to digital health, iCEE.health has brought together this year a great variety of healthcare stakeholders.

Among them, Oana Cociașu/ Managing Partner and Ioana Vulcan/ Strategy and Reasearch Specialist, both from Medic One, the first full service ad agency in Romania, which dedicates its activity exclusively to healthcare communication.

Digital & Health in Romania

Seven out of ten Romanians (urban areas only) use technology for health-related activities, according to a study by Medic One in partnership with iSense Solutions/ inside Bold by Lowe Group platform.

So, why do Romanians use tech in healthcare?

  • 58%: more control
  • 44%: less stress
  • 42%: communication with doctors

“Most Romanians are informed from unauthorized and unverified sources such as forums or blogs, which may have a negative impact on their health” Oana Cociaşu, Managing Partner, Medic One

According to this study, 67% of those using technology – smart devices (fitness bracelet, pedometer), mobile apps and / or online platforms (including email, social networks, forums or chat) – in health began to do so on their own initiative.

Only 15% are using tech at a doctor recommendation, 11% because of the family and 5 % because other patients inspired them to do so.

“The fact that the majority of Romanians use healthcare technology on their own initiative shows a very important potential to increase its use in case of greater promotion efforts by doctors, pharmacists or healthcare providers” Traian Năstase, Managing Partner, ISense Solutions.

This is the question from the study that reveals the fact that Romanians truly want a change in their relationship with doctors in particular and the medical system in general:

Open to virtual medical consultations? What kind?

It’s important to say that 23% of Romanians in the urban areas have been requesting online medical advice over the past year.

Also, most of the Romanians would like to use online applications or platforms for medical scheduling (78%).

About the study

  • It was conducted by iSense Solutions exclusively for the Lowe Group, on a sample of 1,360 urban respondents, aged 18+ (Internet users)
  • Data was collected online through ResearchRomania.ro, during April – May 2017 and is representative for the urban areas
  • The results bear the standard error of +/- 2.66%, at 95% confidence level.


Medic One‘s presentation from iCEE.health 2017 will be soon available on iCEE.academy. Meanwhile, here is the entire infograph.

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Daniel Marton

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