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200 Seconds of Fame: Apply and meet the investors @ ICEEfest


ICEEfest and start-up.ro are launching “200 Seconds of Fame“, a competition dedicated to all the tech startups who want to present their ideas in front of an reputed jury.

Key informations of the campaign

  • free registration until May 31 (mail to 200@start-up.ro/ ICEEfest‘s site)
  • name your startup plus one page description of your business idea
  • only 10 startups will be chosen to present on the Festival’s stage
  • you’ve got 200 seconds to demonstrate you deserve the investments

In addition, you have the opportunity to present your startup in front of all the festival’s public. We offer you a stand and if you apply from start-up.ro you got a 200 euro discount from the regular price.

More than 3500 people are coming to ICEEfest, so don’t miss this chance.

Plus, you’ve got acces to all the presentations, VIP areas and 2 VIP tickets. The most important thing is that you can meet investors who can really help your startup.

Meet the jury

Reputed entrepreneurs and investors from Central and Eastern Europe will be in front of you, trying to understand your business idea.

Among others, the jury is formed from Marius Ghenea (3TS Partners), Odysseas Ntotsikas (Founder TDG), Steffen Ehrhardt (Google), Niall Harbison (Lovin Dublin), Apostolos Apostolakis (Venture Friends) and Oldrich Bajer (Zoot).

The public will also have an important role because the entire audience can vote through the Festival’s App.

Don’t miss these keynotes

  • Oldrich Bajer: Co-Founder ZOOT, today´s CEE leader in fashion e-commerce operating in Czech Republic, Slovakia and since november 2015 also in Romania
  • Steffen Ehrhardt: his focus is on enabling Google’s clients to grow internationally with the help of Google products and internationalization solutions
  • Apostolos Apostolakis: Partner and Co-Founder Venture Friends, he is looking for people who work on problem-solving technology products and aspire to create big, scalable international companies

Learn from the best

ICEEfest’s startup stage begins with Niall Harbison. It took him only 1000 days to develop a company at a level that UTV paid almost 2 million £ to buy it.

Read Harho’s story on our blog but don’t miss his thrilling speech. You’ve got a lot to learn from the Lovin Dublin‘s man.

Check out this year’s festival Agenda: it’a all about opportunity for you and your startup.

UPDATE! A special ICEE Startup Ticket is also available starting today, for 30 EUR only, full access in June, 10, starting 3 PM to see the startup stream + join the final party!


Daniel Marton


Daniel Marton

After 3 years as a radio reporter (back in 2003), Daniel has experienced some other options that media can offer: 2 years as a special reporter (print), 2 years as a news commentator (tv), 2 years as an editor-in-chief (online) plus another 5 years as an online manager (digital). Since 2016, he is a freelance journalist, delivering documented articles and creative ideas for any kind of media. Ever since then, Daniel joined the iCEE.fest family, as a contributing editor for iCEE.news.

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