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UPGRADE 100 launches „The Virtual Festival”: over 600 presentations, workshops and professional content dedicated to online marketing and digital transformation specialists


The UPGRADE 100 team – regional festival dedicated to digital transformation and online communication, launched in Bucharest in 2012 as iCEE.fest – announced today the kick off of the The Virtual Festival global platform.

Available in both desktop and mobile app format, for both iOS and Android, UPGRADE 100 / Virtual Festival gathers over 600 presentations and approx. 400 hours of workshops and curated content from the past 4 editions of the festival but also from other private events organized previously. 

The mobile app features the agenda of the event, with presentations structured by stage and time, so that everyone (attendee or not) gets the chance to grasp all the talks, keynotes and workshops, whether they missed them during the actual event, or the event altogether.  It also features networking and business matchmaking tools for the members of the UPGRADE 100 community.

The fields covered by the topics are as wide as it gets – online marketing insights from top global companies’ specialists, creativity, e-commerce, virtual reality, video gaming, e-health, smart homes, fintech, blockchain, tech in democracy, start-ups and digital disruption, in general, reflected across industries.

Who says that a festival dedicated to digital transformation, should take place only in a physical, confined space and only during 2 days? 

Technology allows us today to have a global perpetual festival and to create a unlimited border-free community of doers and game changers across the entire impacted ecosystem.

This is, briefly, our medium to long term plan: digitizing the festival experience and opening it to as many participants as possible – so that they can access our content, which is so vast that it cannot be covered in real life, during the actual event, and reach all the members of the community anywhere, anytime and from any device.  

This is the reason why we decided to name the project – the virtual festival – because, in essence, it’s exactly that” explains Dragos Stanca, the founder of UPGRADE 100.

Access to the UPGRADE 100 – Virtual Festival is free, based on username and password. 

There are however, some exclusive presentations, available only to the premium members of the UPGRADE 100 community.

Premium access is granted by the acquisition of a ticket, so if you’ve either been to the 2019 edition of UPGRADE 100 edition or purchase a ticket for next year’s event, you benefit by default, of the premium membership status. For whoever wants to check out only the virtual festival, the UPGRADE100.com website features a special ticket that unlocks the video library. 

With this launch, the UPGRADE 100 platform now encompasses the annual festival happening in Bucharest, Romania, the tech and digital culture radio show and podcast, the news website, and as of today, the web and mobile app UPGRADE 100.

Our best friends and supporters of the 2019 edition: Orange – main partner for the past 10 years –  NissanGeorgeBCRCoca-ColaGLOmPlatformMedLife, Verizon Media, SalesForce, Majoritas Academy and many others.

Carmen Codrean


Carmen Codrean

Project Manager @ UPGRADE 100 | Producer @ UPGRADE 100, Radio Guerrilla

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