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Survival Guide: Day 2 @ ICEEfest


Find out how you can take all the benefits from the ICEEfest experience.

We’re hoping that Day 1 @ ICEEfest was great for you/ your company. The second day has the same intensity (and, after the party from Thursday will be a little more difficult… but, the weekend is so close).

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This is Day 2 @ ICEEfest / June 10, Bucharest:

Innovation Stage 1

  • 10.00 – Virtual Reality is as real as it can be. They are the morning session speakers for the topic: Juliet Dervin/ Discovery (about how the great content from Discovery VR cand be even greater), Julio Obelleiro/ WildBytes (an agency specialized in some non-conventional projects), Rumen Filkov/ Researcher and Entrepreneur (about the scientific part of VR&AR), Scott Hope/ AR Experiential Ltd and Sergiu Ardelean/ Innovation.rocks – he brings some case studies remarcable from the visual point of view.


  • 12.15 – Before attending to this session, read Salvatore Iaconesi‘s story on our blog. Convinced? We were sure about that 🙂 Salvatore is talking about how art can be an information open source and of course about his surprising projects.   Later today, he is going to be on the ICEEhealth Stage, details below.


  • 19.15 – You want to be heard? We give you “200 seconds of fame” in the startup competition, the business X-Factor in ICEEfest version. Before that, Peter Hopwood – public speaking expert – is giving some advices for the audiences. The jury and the public will decide the winners.

Innovation Stage 2

  • 10.00 – Explore new techniques and technologies that helps advertisers to find the right target at the right price at the right time.

They are the AdTech Innovators: Marius Pawelczyk/ Sociomantic, Lukasz Zelezny/ uSwitch, Terry Taouss/ Centro, Yuval Rachlin/ Sizmek, Jan Heumuller/ TabMo and Daniel Prumers/ Criteo. 


ICEEhealth Stage

 A satelite event this year, ICEEhealth offers an interactive platform for learning and networking, which aims to draw together the entire eHealth ecosystem.


  • 17.00 – How journalism can change the (health) system? with Catalin Tolontan/ GSP. His latest investigations started the HexiPharna crisis in Romania.

Don’t miss ICEE Comedy

 If Day 1 @ ICEEfest was dedicated to Live Music, friday it’a all about the Comedy .

  • 19.30 – we’re opening with Jeff Leach and now we have the chance to see why he had three sold out one hour Edinburgh Festival solo shows. And what’s the catch about his early succes in New York at Comedy Cellar club.
  • 20.00 – ok, the next one hurts a little bit 🙂 and that’s because Claudiu “Teo” Teohari, Sergiu Floroaia, Raul Gheba, Alex Cotet si Silviu Gherman are going to mock everything about what happened @ ICEEfest 2016 😉

At the end, we’ll have a beer in the Summer Playground and watch the Euro2016’s start – Romania vs France is the opening game 😉

Everything clear now? Ok, last tickets available are here.





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