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Survival Guide: Day 1 @ ICEEfest


Who, what, where, how: we help you to make your agenda at the festival so you take all the benefits from the ICEEfest experience.

Because ICEEfest 2016 means more than 100 highly appreciated speakers and global companies arrived in Bucharest for 2 days only, plus over 50 hours of intensive training, we thought it’s time to help you choose the best presentations for you/ your company.

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This is Day 1 @ ICEEfest/ June 9, Bucharest:

Innovation Stage 1

  • 09.30 – Our MC, Jeff Leach is responsable for the wake up call. Then we’ll listen to some opening remarks from Dragos Stanca/ ICEEfest Founder, Odysseas Ntotsikas/ Founder and Managing Partner @ TDG and Constantine Kamaras/ Chairman of the Board Directors @ IAB Europe.
  • 09.45 – Let the show begin! Then stage will belong to Joris Evers/ VP & Head of Communications of NETFLIX Europe. The opening keynote is also the first presentations for the company in Eastern Europe.


  • 10.30The Global Content Kings are coming to ICEEfest to tell you all about good & quality content and advanced techniques to generate more revenues: Rob Bradley/ CNN, Duncan Hooper/ Euronews, David Goddard/ BBC and Arnaud Simon/ Eurosport
  • 12.30 – A very special keynote from the former music celebrity, now tech entrepreneur Will Henshall/ Founder Focus@Will. Learn how to be more productive at work. Music will help 🙂 Will is the founder of the band Londonbeats. Remember this hit: “I’ve been thinking about you?”. That’s him!
  • 13.00 – All about The Science of Virality with some of the best out-of-the-box thinkers in the business: Alec McCrindle/ Yahoo&Tumblr, Richard Harless/ Shazam, Eyabo Macauley/ Maker Studios/ Walt Disney and Tom Pachys/ playbuzz.
  • 15.00 – Are you ready for the Crazy Ones? Ok, ’cause they are crazy good in their business, the creativity and innovation business: Bas van den Beld/ State of Digital, Franc Cheetham/ Google ZOO, Anthony Baker/ R / GA and David Sandstrom/ DDB. Some of the greatest agencies in the world will be here. And, remember, more creatives and content creators will be on other stages.
  • 17.00The Internet Giant will take the lead: Marcin Mallinovski/ Google, Rustam Ziganshin/ Facebook/ Nadine Neubauer/ Instagram and Ian Hurlock/ LinkedIn. Everything they do affect your business that’s why it’s essential to understand what’s next.


  • 19.00 – Well, it’s time to find out… the winners of IAB MIXX Awards 2016! We’ll punish the best agencies in business 😉

Innovation Stage 2


Focus Stage

This stage is dedicated to the ones interested in eCommerce in all of its forms. That’s why we created a special ticket for the ones who want to dig deeper into the advanced techniques that generates online sales.

  • 10.30 – Focus on eCommerce & Performance Marketing with: Marco Bertozzi/ Performics, James Finlayson/ Verve Search, Antonio Eram/ Netopia, and Yousuf Khatib/ Marketizator
  • 12.30 – Focus on Google with: Thorsten Hermes. Specialized in retail, he’ll present the best options Google has to offer today
  • 13.45 – Focus on Optimisation with: Ivan Imhoff/ House of Kaizen: 2 hours of intensive training where we’ll find ideas that can raise your conversions with more that 100%
  • 16.00 – Focus on Facebook with: Karolina Janus/ Performance Marketing Expert
  • 17.00 – Focus on Creativity and Data Automation with: George Frangakis/ ForestView, Daniel Prümers/ Criteo, Yuval Rachlin/ Sizmek, Karolina Janus/ Facebook, Marcin Malinowski/ Google, Terry Taouss/ Centro. From this session you’ll find out why creativity can’t function without the right technology and why technology and optimisation are not enough for your succes.

Don’t forget about the Fun Area!

After you accumulate the necessary knowledge from the festival’s sessions, let’s party in Summer Playground:


Day 1 is closing with music and Live concerts: R.O.A., Silviu Pasca band and Golan – one of the highest rated bands from the new wave.

Don’t miss ICEE Live Music

Everything clear now? Ok, last tickets available are here.




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