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How to create great content and have a good traffic, too. Lessons from Vice, CNN and Eurosport @ ICEEfest.


We are in tech era but top international publishers came to ICEEfest and insisted that human creativity is the # 1 factor of their success.

VICE, Eurosport and CNN‘s presentations had one thing in common: when you’re telling your story, be creative – they said!

VICE: the No. 1 youth media company in the world

Vice is a 23 year startup and we’ve had about 15 bad years“, said Mark Adams in the beginning of his presentation at ICEEfest.

Head of Innovation @ VICE, Mark explained in his speech what changed in the past 8 years, as the platform has grown into becoming one of the biggest media companies worldwide.


Everybody told us that young people are not interested in the news. Not true. They care about news but they don’t trust any news source“, pointed out Mark.

  • Offers stories you can not get elsewhere
  • Provides a different perspective
  • Don’t fake it, go for real, be creative

These are the key points to observe if you want your audience to trust you. These and 20+ hours of quality digital video/ day that helped VICE gather 2.5 billion YouTube views last year.

Mark’s complete ICEEfest presentation below:

Eurosport: about sharing the passion

For the past 18 months, with some help from Discovery, Eurosport bought 60+ rights and created 8 local versions.

It became “home of the Olympics” but the real transformation is that now Eurosport is trying to be more and more a fan-centric brand.


How can we reinvent our storytelling? There are 4 main guidelines: extensive coverage, be immersive, local and edgy“, said Arnaud Simon during his talk.

Senior VP Content&Production @ Eurosport, Arnaud talked about “the tools” that can help you be more creative:

  • Fight for your exclusivity
  • Try to be unique
  • Don’t forget to bring emotion

This is Arnaud Simon @ ICEEfest, interviewed by Cosmin Stan:

CNN: Telling the story in a creative way

Quality content creates quality data” thinks Rob Bradley. Global Director of Digital Advertising Revenue and Data @ CNN, Rob is convinced that the people must be the center of the universe in storytelling.


Tech innovations are often regarded as the engine of a performing newsroom. Rob Bradley said that the roles should be inverted: “if we let the technology to do its job, that allows humans to be creative“.

Remember this, for a successful creative process:

  • ask yourself what’s unique about your story
  • you’re targeting people, not some data
  • try to humanized the story

Discover the complete presentation of Rob Bradley below:

How can you get access?

  • If you have a valid ticket for ICEEfest 2016:
    • Send us an email at tickets@upgrade100.com and you’ll receive your password in 1 hour or less.
  • If you don’t have a ticket for ICEEfest 2016:
    • You can buy one for ICEEfest 2017 here (this also includes your password for ICEE Academy)
    • You can buy only one password to watch the presentations (here, also).

For any other question please email us at tickets@upgrade100.com and we will reply in 1 hour or less.

For other great keynotes from ICEEfest ’16, please check out ICEE Academy. We’re working hard to upload the best of them (almost) every day now… so stay tuned!




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