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Check the latest trends on programmatic advertising from 3 different points of view: AppNexus, Google and BBC


Whether you are a publisher, an advertiser, working in AdTech or eCommerce, Programmatic is obviously one of the very important trends that make a difference in the industry.

ICEEfest got the message. No wonder why Programmatic was one of the most debated themes inside the festival.

AppNexus: “Programmatic is not cheaper”

A very complex description of Programmatic was made by Chris James. Regional Manager CEE MEA @ AppNexus, he talked about the importance of viewability and quality inventory in Programmatic ecosystem.


First, Chris pointed out what makes Programmatic different:

  • Automated buying process
  • Buying efforts require a technical, analytical and consultative weight
  • Buying is based on real-time valuation of every impression


Programmatic is not cheaper but it’s a great opportunity to evaluate each individual impression on its own value“, said Chris James adding that “buying viewable impressions is a complex process but also a performance indicator for branding campaigns“.

Simply described as the opportunity for an ad to be seen, viewability has becoming a much in demand topic.

That’s where AppNexus intervenes because the platform provides viewable deals in response to growing market needs.

More about viewability & Programmatic in Chris James’s presentation @ ICEEfest:

Google: “Programmatic is good on both sides”

Head of Global Partnerships CEE @ Google, Marcin Malinowski said that Programmatic offers a win-win situation for the buyers and the publishers.

And that’s because the first ones know what they are buying and the other ones get better results to specific targets.


  • 50%+ of US ad spending was transacted programmatically in 2015
  • almost 14 billion dollars was spent outside US on Programmatic in 2015

In 2019 there will be around 30 billion dollars spending on Programmatic“, added Malinowski.


Other important subject treated by Marcin was around the mobile.

If you want to know what does Google have to say about this “fragile environment” in which 40% people would leave a website if it loaded in more than 3 seconds, watch the full presentation below:

BBC: “Programmatic is nothing new”

After finding out about the amount of money spent on Programmatic in the past years, it’s time to see a practical example.

Programmatic Trading Manager @ BBC, David Goddard/ came to ICEEfest and told us why one of the biggest publishers in the world chose this path.


When we entered the Programmatic marketplace, we set up a few key challenges: grow digital revenue, monetize 28 different languages and protecting BBC reputation“, said David.

  • bbc.com plus BBC World Service mean 120+ million users/ monthly

Given that over the last financial year, Programmatic has helped BBC’s revenue stream overtake TV (51% vs 49%), the challenges have been overcome successfully.

There are 5 major points to talk around Programmatic in David’s vision. Watch his ICEEfest presentation to discover them:

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For other great keynotes from ICEEfest ’16, please check out ICEE Academy. We’re working hard to upload the best of them (almost) every day now… so stay tuned!




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