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Veronica Das

Bloomwater Capital

Founding Partner & Head of Investor Relations

With over 15 years experience in management consulting for enterprise programmes in non-profit organisations, private corporations and public sector in the UK and Europe, Veronica now concentrates her skills and knowledge in the Blockchain space. She invested in blockchain and women-led start-ups and owned an enterprise grade cryptocurrency mining farm.

With a BSc in Business Leadership and Management, fluent in several European languages and experience in multicultural environments, Veronica is growing her career in blockchain and investment management.

Veronica is one of the founding partners and Head of Investor Relations at Bloomwater Capital, a hedge fund based in the BVI that employs quantitative algorithmic trading strategies for traditional and cryptocurrency markets. Bloomwater Capital offers the opportunity for professional investors to diversify their portfolio whilst adhering to traditional business principles of regulation, transparency and trust.

Veronica believes in inclusion, diversity and gender equity in the blockchain space, technology and beyond, and she is part of the core team of an inspiring movement at WIBI.io - Women in Blockchain Impact Group, one of the world’s most active women in blockchain community.