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Talita Holzer



Talita Holzer is on a mission: to make the world more accessible. For millions of those with special educational needs and combined accessibility issues, the front door of their homes is an impenetrable barrier, keeping them housebound and prevented from reaching vital services without help. At the same time, local government efforts to support independent travel for this population are expensive, inconsistent, and intermittently applied, with many vastly underserving the population in need. Encouraged by a university project, Talita and her co-founder Robbie devoted themselves to finding a solution to benefit both those with accessibility challenges and the cities they live in. Several years on, the team of engineers founded Dublin-based startup waytoB, which has developed a unique, award-winning product to help people of all abilities navigate their neighborhoods with ease.

Talita is also involved in several Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, being the creator of GoingFar (an initiative to support migrant female tech professionals in Ireland) and StartAbility (annual event to promote entrepreneurship for people with disabilities), she is the D&I manager for Startup Week Dublin and a member of the TU Dublin Governing Body Equality, Equality and Inclusion Committee.