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Sorin Alexa

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Mr. Alexa is a Romanian citizen, born in Bacau.

Educated at the Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest, major in Finance & Banking.

Mr. Alexa further improved his education by getting an MBA degree at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

Project management for medical and commercial applications on both client and provider side, business processes mapping and design for integration with various IT business automation systems with a focus on seamless integration of features and functionalities. Software systems ergonomics and visual design team coordinator in order to meet disruptive business and user requirements while maintaining user acceptance, productivity and non-interference with operational work-flows, data and workflow consistency, strict external and legal regulations compliance.

His professional experience provides for extensive financial controlling and operations management skills, business start-up and project financing, planning and forecasting, business analysis & control, credit Risk Management, financial management, project financing, business planning & documentation, due diligence process assistance.

Mr. Alexa prior employment includes: Intersnack Romania, Romastru Trading, CFO of Amethyst Radiotherapy Romania, Anima, High Tech Systems & Software (HTSS)