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Nancy Nemes

Ms. AI


Founder & Chief Enthusiasm Officers at Ms. AI, Keynote Speaker, Investor & Philanthropist, former leaders at Microsoft and Google

Nancy Nemes is a tech trendsetter, a global connector and a hands-on leader with international experience in high tech across Europe, USA, Canada and South America. Her passion is in pioneering, implementing and optimizing the impact of mobile, digital, and social tech aiming at enriching people lives through digital solutions. Her current focus is on generating business in the new economy for a new Europe. 

Nancy is the founder of Ms. AI, a European platform that supports women to participate, grow and win in the space of Artificial Intelligence. With this initiative, Nancy is partnering with a distinguished international team of senior executives and acclaimed thought leaders across business, academia, media, public sector, think tanks, in various disciplines. Their shared goal is to enable 10 Million women in Europe with AI by 2023, in a quest to create winners of the digital era. Prior to that, Nancy spent 20 years at Microsoft and Google leading new product developments and pioneering emerging technologies such as devices powered by artificial intelligence. In January 2019, Nancy was named as one of “the most inspiring business women in European technology” by the international organization InspiringFifty.