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Mirza Hadzic

Infobip (WhatsApp Business Solution Partner)

Sales Director, Europe

Mirza Hadzic took on the role of Sales Director for the European region in 2019. Infobip, a Croatian unicorn based in London that was founded in 2006, is developing communication platforms for companies with a huge customer base. Infobip generated € 602 million in revenue last year, up 38% compared to the year before, and is also considering entering the U.S. stock market. Infobip, WhatsApp Business Solution Partner, has 2,400+ employees and its services are used by billions of people and hundreds of companies and multinationals such as Vodafone, Burger King, Strava and Uber.

Prior to Infobip, Mirza worked for more than 14 years in major companies (Oracle, Microsoft, Combis/Deutsche Telekom Group). He has become a well-versed IT industry expert and an experienced manager in a very demanding and rapidly changing environment. As Sales Director at Infobip, he is in charge of overseeing and managing commercial organization in Europe, covering 51 countries and driving commercial initiatives, in order to make the best of market opportunities whilst minimizing operational threats, with a focus on exponential growth.