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Lucian Despoiu

Majoritas Global


Founder & CEO of Majoritas, leading political technology and communication consortium of companies, Lucian Despoiu is a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and over 20 digital political campaigns all around the world.

A result driven specialist, Lucian is one of the key innovators of the Political and Institutional Communication industries, with a vision of making research, data, technology and paid media work together for politicians and Governments all around the world. Under his leadership Majoritas Global has been influencing elections in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe through its 12 offices.

To the group of companies in Majoritas Global, Lucian has added Majoritas Insights, a real-time research company, and Majoritas Academy, an educational initiative, and is currently working on developing a solution addressed to citizens willing to get involved in how decisions are being made in their society.