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Kostas Kampakis


Managing Director

Kostas is the Managing Director of ForestView, the Google Partner, multi-awarded Digital Marketing Agency of the Think Digital Group of companies, engineering performance for clients across multiple industries through campaigns across more than 35 countries. He’s a strong believer that “Marketing” is universal and that terms like “Performance” or “Digital” are frequently ways to communicate time tested truths with new, sexier, more modern-looking terminology. Before joining ForestView he worked for 12 years on the client side, holding senior Marketing positions in brands across different industries, including Technology, Entertainment, Food & Beverage and Cosmetics. In the years since, he has further expanded his experience to encompass an even wider range of industries, including Travel, Fashion, Finance and pretty much anything that includes an e-commerce function and he still thinks that marketing is marketing, regardless of whether it’s called “digital” or not.