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Gary Coichy

Pod Digital Media

Head of Partnerships

Gary Coichy is a Marketing Executive, Entrepreneur who specializes in Strategy & management of digital campaigns. He’s worked at the largest advertising agencies from WPP Mediacom to Omnicom PHD agencies. He’s worked with brands such as Lacoste, Verizon, New York & Company, Volkswagen, BMW, L’Oréal and Dell.

After 15 Years of leading Marketing efforts on both the agency and brand side. Gary founded Pod Digital Media – a premium Podcast agency network. Pod Digital is the first Multicultural Podcast network giving advertisers access to an audience with buying power. PDM partners with podcasters to customize and deliver tangible results to their brand partners. Within three months of launch, the company already has over a dozen advertisers that include Tidal, WeTV, BET, HBO, Showtime, Harry’s, Hint Water, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures and others.