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Chui Chui Tan

Beyō Global

Founder and Director

Chui Chui Tan, British & Malaysian Chinese, PhD in Human Computer Interaction, has worked in customer experience for the past 14+ years, where she:

• Worked on UX projects of different scales (from discovery, research, design to developing business strategies) for clients like Clarks, eBay, AXA, Cabinet Office and Nokia

• Helped clients such as Marriott, BBC and Google understand their global audiences and advise them on how best to provide the best experience to different markets

• Worked with clients such as Spotify and Asana define and develop their business propositions in different markets

Spoke and ran workshops at various conferences around the world especially on cultural diversity and designing for global audiences.

Culturalisation expert. Work in user/customer experience (UX/CX) for over 13 years.

Work with global companies and organisations to help them with their launch and maximise their global reach. Improve their international businesses by integrating market-, user behavioural- and cultural- insights.