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Augustin Radu

IMT Starter

Associate Director

Augustin has 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He is in charge with the Business Development and International Partnerships for the IT start-ups at IMT STARTER. Since his arrival in 2005, the Business Accelerator propose “customized” services (guidance, coaching, advisory board, educational programs and finance) to young IT companies. He has been involved with several “mentors “(successful entrepreneurs) in all the Advisory Boards promoting technical competitive intelligence, competitive analysis and business strategy for those incubated start-ups.
He is a well-known Expert for the Ministry of Research in the IT field concerning the Research Tax Credit and The Young Innovative Companies. He analyzed about 2000 research programs for more than 300 differents companies.
His PhD on the subject of “Quality of Service Evaluation by an End User in Mobile Telecommunication Systems” has received great distinction in 2004. He obtained his MS “Microwaves” from the University of Marne la Vallée in France and Engineer Diploma from ESIEE in France and University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest in Romania.