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Adina Rosca

Orange Foundation

Digital education expert @ Digitaliada

Adina Rosca attended the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences - UB, Special Psychopedagogy Department. In 2014, she conducted a research to highlight how the RTI-Response to Intervention model serves to provide educational services and monitor progress, and in 2015 she went to dissertation at the same faculty.

The importance of using digital applications and educational digital resources in the classroom has been a concern for Adina Rosca from the beginning of her professional development to the implementation of these new methods in the education system.

Shee has 9 years of experience as a Psychological Teacher in the US, and in her years there she has perfected in mathematics teaching and curriculum adaptation to the individual needs of the students; designing and applying individualized educational programs using online programs; use of Smart board, educational applications and platforms in the teaching-learning process.

Since 2017, she is an educational expert in the Digitaliada program and coordinates the development of digital content within the project: a guide for teaching mathematics using digital methods (for grades V-VIII), teaching of computer science and information technology using digital methods, didactic projects in which digital methods are integrated, depending on the type and stages of the lesson.