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Why UPGRADE 100? A message from the iCEE.fest founder


“Really?! Who launches a big project on a Friday afternoon?!” Well, we do not play by the rules…

[Actually, we’ve delayed the launch a few days because we may have worked on details more than needed -> but let’s keep that strictly between us, ok?;)]

First of all, special thanks to our 1,000+ friends who have already bought tickets to iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100 without waiting for this year’s line-up! You rock!

We understand from this that in the 7+ years we have grown this project together we have not disappointed. We do not want to do it now, so…

Today we are launching new content streams, new speakers and a new concept which took into account your past feedback.

We have super-speakers confirmed! Singularity University – yeap, Mr. Salim Ismail himself is joining us! – Google, Facebook, eBay, Salesforce, Accenture, The Guardian, Hubspot, Waze, Flipboard, Reddit, Booking.com, Verizon, Vaynermedia + many other innovative companies, creative agencies, media, VR / AR / MR, startups and entrepreneurs.

With no less than 11 content streamsthat you can check here – today we are launching the new iCEE.fest concept: UPGRADE 100.

Ok, but why?!

10+ years ago we started as a team a small local event – remember RoNewMedia – we later (2012) morphed into a regional festival as iCEE.fest and, as of today, we place the foundation to something new: UPGRADE 100. More than a festival.

“We tend to do what we preach and we are determined to further develop the iCEE.fest – “Upgrade to the best version of you” concept. That’s why we are now launching UPGRADE 100″ – Dragoș Stanca

UPGRADE 100 is our new brand, which we will encompass not only the festival but also the networking and community app and various professional media products – we have already started with the UPGRADE 100 radio show at Radio Guerrilla – and there’s more to follow.

We also had to bring under the same umbrella the things we do outside the festival – events for companies,  other professional media products, the community app etc. – under a new brand, easy to remember and to be developed in other regions, outside the CEE.

Talking about expansion: we’ve also launched the opportunity to license the concept, format and, above all, the technology behind the festival to other territories -> soon we will announce the first events outside Eastern Europe.

More about this opportunity, here.

What is this year’s festival about?

Coming back to this year’s festival, we have sessions with speakers selected with extra care, with emphasis on quality over quantity. The sessions will be 100 minutes long, we will have more networking breaks and collateral events for presentations and workshops. More details to follow…

Our speakers this year fall into 3 categories:

  1. Internationally known stars in the field of digital transformation – this year’s special guest is Mr. Salim Ismail, co-founder of Singularity University.
  2. Global digital and technology leaders as well as professional speakers for a dose of inspiration, ideas, and macro trends.
  3. Experts and people who make things happen in large global companies or innovative startups for applicability in our everyday work.

The festival maintains a strong emphasis on marketing and communication but is also expanding further into the broader digital transformation areas across all industries.

Find all up-to-date details in this article – > just perfect to be forwarded to your colleagues and friends. I also recommend this piece of content about Salim Ismail and Singularity University.

That’s all for now. Thank you for being with us in this journey and I hope to see you again (or meet in person) on June 13 and 14 in Bucharest, Romania.

It’s gonna be fun;) And worthy.


 Dragos Stanca
 iCEE.fest: UPGRADE 100

P.S. Don’t forget, make the most of our excellent ticket prices (great ROI) ->> you can find them here.

Carmen Codrean


Carmen Codrean

Project Manager @ UPGRADE 100 | Producer @ UPGRADE 100, Radio Guerrilla

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