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The Official Aftermovie 2016: This Is ICEEfest

With 3350 participants, 137 speakers and more than 60 hours of great content, ICEEfest transformed Bucharest, for 2 days, into the regional capital of internet and technology.

ICEEfest didn’t just double the number of participants in the past 2 years. The festival also gathered more and, most importantly, highly acknowledged speakers that really matched the content of our streams.

To all the attendees of the 5th edition of the festival, the Aftermovie is just a flashback of the 2 amazing days. For everybody else it’s an open invitation to ICEEfest 2017.

The Official Aftermovie of ICEEfest 2016 was produced by Romanian company Blockbuster Media.

“It’s the second year our company produces the ICEEfest Aftermovie and we’re proud to be part of this amazing festival.

It wasn’t easy: 30 shooting hours during the event, 2 extra shooting days, 5 cameras, 2 TB of raw footage, 2 weeks in postproduction.

But, most of all, I love the team I worked with – they were brilliant. So, for me, producing this film means: Dan, Razvan, Mihai, Florin, Elena, Irina, Silviu, Ovidiu, Xenia. Thank you, guys! And thanks to the Think Digital team for having us. CEE you next year!”, Tiberiu Constantinescu/ Managing Partner @ Blockbuster Media

Blockbuster Media complete list:

  • Executive Producer – Tiberiu Constantinescu
  • Director of Photography – Razvan Dascalescu, Mihai Georgescu
  • Production Assistant – Elena Bâra
  • SteadyCam – Alexandru Florin Buliga
  • Reporter – Irina Maria Ungureanu
  • Assistant sound – Silviu Romano
  • Assistant lights – Ovidiu Tudor
  • Editing – Tiberiu Constantinescu
  • Graphics – Dan Anghel
  • Sound design – Tiberiu Constantinescu & Dan Anghel

CEE you all @ ICEEfest 2017. And keep in touch here, meanwhile 😉





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