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Serban Mogos, Co-founder, Eyeware will talk @ iCEE.fest 2017 about “Understanding human actions in the Internet of Eyes”


Eye gaze, where we’re looking at, is one of the most important non-verbal cues in human-human communication.

By “seeing” the eye gaze, we can understand and even predict a person’s attention, intention and interest.

In the age of “Internet of Eyes”, where cameras become ubiquitous in our homes, cars and manufacturing, eye gaze detection is a key component in enabling intuitive human-machine interactions.

Eyeware @ iCEE.fest 2017

A tech startup founded in Switzerland, Eyeware develops eye tracking software using 3D consumer-level cameras (eg Microsoft Kinect, Intel Realsense) instead of specialized hardware (infrared eye monitors) that only work in front of a screen.

Their patent-pending algorithm allows you to observe in a 35x higher field of view for attention detection, eye-control, and interaction with smart devices with new 3D applications (not just for the screen).

“We will present a new technology for 3D eye tracking, developed by Eyeware, and discuss the use cases of eye tracking in multiple industries” Serban Mogos, Co-founder, Eyeware

Serban is one of the speakers for the startup scene @ iCEE.fest – Focus Stage 3/ June 16 – and will talk in the session dedicated to the “Future CEE Digital & Tech Stars“.

How Eyeware increases human-machine engagement:

  • Attention: Accurate gaze tracking can indicate if and where the user is paying attention, and use the information to improve context awareness
  • Intention: Smart devices can predict the intention of the user and preemptively offer assistance
  • Interest: By understanding interest, social machines can actively interact with users and deliver only the information relevant to the current activity
  • Engagement: By receiving context-driven dynamic feedback, users become engaged with the social machine

This is the Prototype for Eyeware Assist/ May 2016

Advantages of Eyeware technology

Eyeware’s novel technical approach enables a unique set of features and solves the problem of eye tracking in dynamic, unconstrained, real-world scenarios:

  • Non-intrusive sensing and control: Detecting gaze direction without any glasses or facial markers, which can be used for sensing-only, or for device control
  • High flexibility of movement: We eliminate restrictions on the user being fixed in a limited tracking box in front of the camera, with up to 10x wider area
  • Multi-person and long-distance: Our technology is able to recognize and track multiple people in the same frame, and for distances in the range of 0.5 – 5 meters
  • Robust to difficult conditions: Our algorithms can adapt automatically to fluctuations in lighting or to a large diversity of user characteristics

On June 16, we’ll find out how the unique advantages of Eyeware eye tracking can power the next generation of human-machine interaction in social robotics, automotive, smart home, social studies, healthcare, gaming, industrial automation and advertising.


iCEE.fest will take place in Bucharest, on June 15 & 16.

Our Agenda is here and here you’ll find everything you want to know about startups @ iCEE.fest. 

Here are the last available tickets.

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Daniel Marton

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