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Mobile is changing everything in eCommerce, too. The latest updates from Criteo and Sociomantic.


The mobile phone has become more than a communication device. These days, 38% of all eCommerce transactions happen on mobile.

This trend is picking up and that’s the reason why ICEEfest 2016 had some special sessions focused on eCommerce & mobile marketing which gathered agencies with international portfolios and global clients from different segments.

Criteo: how to succeed in a people centric world

“The average person now spends 2 hours a day on their phones and 97 minutes with their significant other”, said Daniel Prumers in the beginning of his presentation.

BD Director CE @ Criteo, Daniel added that “the average user engages with mobile devices 150/ day“. It’s no wonder that the mobile is driving an unprecedented shift in consumer behavior.


  • 38% of all eCommerce transactions now happen on mobile
  • Customers browse on multiple devices but complete the purchases on a mobile device 46% of times

Now, the biggest challenge for marketers is how to target the users cross device. Second step, which platform should they focus on?

  • Did you know that Android is the leading platform in CEE with 75% of the market?

Today we live in a browser centric world. We need a consumer centric world“, said Daniel Prumers giving us 4 key points: respect consumer privacy, delivers accuracy, make the solutions scales and works across systems.

How can you do this? Watch the complete presentation from ICEEfest 2016 and find out:

Sociomantic: focus on personalization

Because people’s habits have changed, the expectations have changed also. That’s why Mariusz Pawelczyk thinks a 360 degrees view of the customer is the only solution to succeed in mobile marketing these days.

Commercial Director CEE @ Sociomantic, Mariusz said that “only 36% of the marketers say they understand customer journeys between devices. But using Programmatic means real-time, dynamic personalized data in less than 1 second“.

socio 1

But big data can help only if we build a solid system in which these 3 factors are working together: analysis – decision – action.

It’s good to know that:

  • 70% of the customers say they are comfortable receiving ads and content specifically targeted to them
  • 36% of marketing execs say that can’t differentiate prospects vs. existing customers
  • 74% of online consumers are frustrated with websites when content that appears has nothing to do with their interests

Sociomantic’s vision about marketing personalization can be summed up in 4 ideas. Discover them in the presentation below:

How can you get access?

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